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Samsung Gear Live runs Windows 95 and, more importantly, DOOM

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How do you prove that a device is worth anything? By making it run DOOM of course! Yes, humanities long quest to make anything and everything run DOOM is far from over, and Android Wear devices are no exception. Someone has made DOOM run on the Samsung Gear Live, complete with touchscreen controls. Is it playable with the touchscreen? Not really, but it appearsĀ to work pretty well with peripherals.

Probably more important is the fact that the same person has Windows 95 running on the Gear Live, which is really interesting. The OS isn’t running natively; instead, it’s using the DOSBox to emulate the OS. Other emulators don’t work with Android Wear, so this has a RAM limitation that doesn’t allow programs to run without running out of RAM.

Despite not really being a fully functional OS, seeing such classic software running on new hardware is cool. Plus, who doesn’t like DOOM? It’s a classic. Will you give DOOM a shot on your new Android Wear watch? Leave a comment!

Via: SamMobile

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