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Samsung introduces Protection Plus Mobile Elite for the clumsy smartphone owner in your life


I have yet to break a phone by dropping it or losing it in a puddle of water (knock on wood), but I have family members who can’t keep a device in one piece for more than three months it seems. I think we all know at least one person in our lives who goes through phones like that, and for them there’s Samsung Protection Plus Mobile Elite.

Samsung Protection Plus Mobile Elite (SPPME) is a new sort of handset protection plan available directly from Samsung for Samsung phones. SPPME works much like Apple Care in that you pay one price for two years worth of coverage and a one time fee to replace a broken device. It’s $99 to start SPPME, then $50 to replace a broken Galaxy S4 or S5 or $75 to replace a broken Note 3 or Note 4. Right now, SPPME only works on those four devices, but should expand to cover more in the future. SPPME coverage includes, “accidental damage from handling – drops, spills and cracked screens” and “electrical and mechanical failures.”

As far as phone insurance goes, SPPME seems to be a relatively good deal. Replacement devices are sent to you within two days, and Samsung offers 24/7 phone support on every day of the year except Christmas. We much prefer the one free replacement offer some manufacturers are offering now, but Samsung Protection Plus Mobile Elite is better than nothing. For full details on the service, hit up the source link below.

Source: Samsung

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  • sanjay

    This is nothing more than marketing writeup direct from samsung. I went to the site for this “coverage” anyone else notice that there is a “certificate of coverage” mentioned and yet NOWHERE on Samsung’s site is this found. This is the same insurance you can get through any cellphone provider. If you’re going to write an article that is nothing more than copy/paste of the marketing brochure, shouldn’t you tell the readers this is nothing more than an advertorial?

    There’s no up-front information about deductible costs per device on Samsung’s site and there’s nowhere to find it on their site.