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Samsung releases two more Galaxy Note 4 ads, and these are actually decent

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Samsung’s ads used to be famous for being both clever and taking shots at Apple and its entire culture. They were a lot of fun, especially with the reactions of some fanboys on both sides. However, Samsung’s ads have lately been pretty poor. Either they’ve been boring or they’ve been absolutely cringe-worthy.

The two newest Galaxy Note 4 ads that SamsungĀ has released depart from the streak of bad attempts, though, and they’re actually decent. They aren’t anything special, but it’s better than what was going around before. Give them a watch and let us know what you think of these ads in the comments!

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  • Richard Yarrell

    It’s always been pretty much plain and simple for me since May 2011 nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products.

  • masterpfa

    Waiting to see further reviews on this phone.
    Liking what I see so far. Only thing is TW

    not a fan.