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Samsung reminds us what the S Pen and Galaxy Note 4 can do

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Samsung has published a video to its Samsung Mobile YouTube channel today demoing some of the special features of the Galaxy Note 4 and what you can do with the Ehanced S Pen included with the device.

Set to a medley of upbeat tunes, Samsung uses its “GALAXY Note 4 – Enhanced S Pen Feature Roundup” video to show off capturing on-screen images with the S Pen, sharing items, taking notes on photographs, extracting information from screen shots and more.

We don’t expect to see this one hitting the commercial break during a football game anytime soon, but it works well for anyone doing their research on the Note 4 online, trying to find out what kind of unique features the device offers over the competition.

Check out the full video below, and let us know what you think. A bit boring, but it serves its purpose. It’s definitely note as funny as other recent videos from the company.

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  • steve

    I am taking the Nexus shamu over the note 4. Dual front facing speakers and a 5.9 inch screen and 64 bit. It should wipe the floor of the note

    • BlazeHN

      I wouldnt be too sure to say that It would “wipe the floor” with the Note 4. There is always many factors wher the premium phones still more premium than the value ones, like the camera quality for example. And we have to admit Note 4 its very powerful itself and rich with his specs and features. For example I dont think the Nexus 6 will be waterproff.

      • charlie88

        They better introduce some kind of dual screen multitasking! It would be a waste of that enormous screen. Still, I have a feeling we won’t be getting anything like that. It’ll just be a big phone. Please Google, prove me wrong!

        • charlie88

          And I’ve proven wrong. Apparently Google has been working on multi-window multitasking and it looks to be (much) better than Samsung’s (and LG’s) implementation.

          Now I’m excited.

    • EP2014

      No removable battery, no expandable storage, no s-pen, no dual screen multitasking… it’s just another regular smartphone.

  • steve

    It will definitely wipe the floor of the slow me down touch wiz. Everyone on the Internet talks on how slow touch wiz is. Stock vs skin. Multi task windows? You know there’s apps for that? Halo for one. I never used any of the feauters of my spen anyway. I don’t think you need storage at 64 gbs. Plastic back on the note, I will take a non removable with aluminum over plastic

  • masterpfa

    I’m not a fan of TouchWiz or Samsung phones normally, as each versions seems to let me down in one way or another, build, lag, over complex menu, superfluous features and almost reliant on Samsungs own apps.

    But hold on, ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 4′
    You got my attention, something I could seriously consider.
    Build quality – Check
    Lag – Qualcomm 805 and 3 Gb Ram – Check
    QhD Screen and the improved S-Pen features

    Roll on Friday in the UK I will be checking this baby out.

    (Now how would this work with Google Now Launcher, would the S-Pen features still work?)

    • SoRHunter

      TouchWiz is more than a simple launcher. To me, at least, it means the controls on the notification’s pane, contacts and phone app, among the ‘gimmicks’ and ‘bloatware’.

      I’m currently using Nova Launcher in a Note 2 and all pen features work as a charm.