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Songza curation is being added to Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is getting an update today that not only adds in a new Material Design look, but also brings to fruition the motive behind Google’s purchase of Songza. Google Play Music will now feature Songza-style curation based on things such as time of day, activity or mood. It should be noted that the feature will be available only to Play Music All Access subscribers, so don’t expect to see it if you don’t use the service.

The integration can be found either when you open the app or when you go to the Listen Now page. A multitude of different playlists for different contexts will be available for you to choose from and get the perfect music playing. All of it is taken directly from Songza, so it should be a familiar experience if you’ve ever used that service before. If you’re a Play Music All Access subscriber, the good news is that the curation abilities are still available through Songza, just like before.

Let us know what you think of the update once it rolls out to you.

Via: Android Central

Source: Google

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