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Sprint and Verizon raise data limits to compete with AT&T

Sprint and Vzw1

Late last week AT&T announced that it would be offering double the normal data allowance on its Mobile Share plans for customers who sign up before October 31. Today, both Sprint and Verizon are fighting back with similar offers of their own.

Verizon’s promotion gets better as you get out of the bottom tiers for its More Everything plans, but everyone still gets a little something extra for signing up before October 31. Plans that currently offer 12 and 16GBs of data will offer 15 and 30, respectively, and everything above that will double. You can take a look at the full price breakdown in the image below.

Sprint and Vzw2

If your framily friends and family are big time data hogs, Sprint’s promotion works out to be the best deal for you. Starting at $130, Sprint customers will get 60GB of data on up to 10 lines with a Family Share Pack plan, with monthly access fee charges waived through 2015. Sprint’s promo also ends October 31.

Sprint and Vzw3

While AT&T may have sparked this most recent wave of promotions, it’s hard not to imagine carriers like T-Mobile are who pushed AT&T to begin with. Whatever sparked this most recent round of discounts, we’re just happy to see better deals for everyone all around.

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  • Haggie

    I’m glad that Verizon was able to solve its network bandwidth constraint problem. Since they have been able to double bandwidth for most of their customers, I assume that they will now drop the data caps and reinstitute their unlimited data accounts.