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T-Mobile releases HTC One (M8) Eye Experience update


One week after the Eye Experience update started rolling out to unlocked versions of the HTC One (M8), T-Mobile USA has released the update for its version of HTC flagship Android phone. Packed inside the 255MB update, which is version 3.32.531.2, are a plethora of new camera features wrapped around Android 4.4.4. The update takes only we few minutes to download over WiFi or LTE, but be ready to wait a good 10-15 minutes for it to install on your One (M8).

If you have not yet received an update notification on your T-Mobile HTC One (M8), go to Settings > About Phone > Software updates > Check now and you should be prompted to download the update. Let us know how the update process goes and which new Eye Experience features you enjoy the most.

HTC Eye Experience

  • AUTO AND VOICE SELFIE: Taking selfies just got a whole lot easier. Simply raise your phone, smile, and snap a picture or shoot a video by using your voice.
  • ENHANCED GROUP VIDEO CALLS: Experience a better way to video chat with Face Tracking. Sitting perfectly still is no longer necessary, because all you have to do is stay in frame and Face Tracking will automatically focus in on you. Compatible with most live video services such as Skype, Line, Hangouts, WeChat, and more.
  • SPLIT CAPTURE: Get in on the fun and give your pictures a personal touch with Split Capture.This cool new feature uses the front and back camera to combine both perspectives into one unique photo.
  • CROP ME IN: Ever wish you could put yourself into one of your photos? Now you can with the HTC Eye Experience’s Crop-Me-In tool. Easily create one seamless photo when you simultaneously shoot a picture with the front and back camera, then combine them.For the finishing touch, use the Photo Editor to move, scale and crop your picture.
  • FACE FUSION: Get a hilarious glimpse of what two people merging into one would look like with the magic of Face Fusion. Choose two pictures to mash together and use the control bar to adjust how much resemblance appears in your new creation. You can even incorporate pictures you find online.
  • LIVE MAKEUP: Take the perfect selfie every time with the Live Makeup effect. Just choose an effect that suits you best and set up your desired look before you even snap the picture.
  • PHOTO BOOTH: Stylize your selfies with the retro appeal of photo booth pictures. This feature captures 4 pictures on a single image, giving you a unique look that’s easy to share with family and friends.

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  • renn9420

    Downloading it now. Can’t wait to see the functions.

  • AnonGuy

    All this hype for an update that adds a bunch of features Samsung devices have had since the Galaxy S4? I am disappointed.

  • Anthony

    For some reason I don’t have face fusion or crop me in features with my update

    • niki

      Do you have Verizon. I don’t have those features either :(

      • Bernie

        I’m on verizon and missing the crop me in but have face fusion. Strange