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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 getting a minor update right out of the box

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Box

T-Mobile is pushing out an update to the newly-released Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that includes some minor improvements and fixes. These include performance enhancements, some bug fixes and most important of all, improvements to battery life. So no, it’s not Android 5.0 Lollipop, but it’s still going to be nice for owners of the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4.

If you’ll remember, T-Mobile started shipping out the Galaxy Note 4 on Tuesday, three days before official launch. The rest of those who pre-ordered should be receiving their devices today and those looking to pick up the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 can now find it online and in stores. Don’t forget to install that update once you get your new phone!

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 Update

Via: TmoNews

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  • wizardpc

    Got my Note 4 yesterday. This morning I noticed that the top of the screen is slightly dimmer and has a purplish tint compared to the bottom of the screen. It’s most noticeable on pure white backgrounds like the google home page. Barely noticeable otherwise, but noticeable. Called customer service and they said that it’d be about a month before they could get me a replacement, but I’d have to send the defective phone back right away.

  • McLovin

    Got my AT&T Note 4 yesterday. I tried doing an update but nothing was available.

  • Chris

    My only main complaint about normal OTA updates (at least from AT&T) is.. there is never any changelog associated with it.. so I usually have no idea what’s being changed.

  • biggy Johnson

    My Sprint Note 4 got an update also as part of the activation process

  • winny

    What is the little clip like thing included in the box with 5 little plastic sticks? What does it do?