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The HTC Nexus 9 could launch on October 15 for $399

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A new report from Bright Side of News is pointing towards a launch of the HTC Nexus 9 on October 15. Google has reportedly partnered with HTC this time around for this year’s Nexus tablet, the 8.9-inch Nexus 9. Leaks of the aluminum-trimmed device have come out multiple times and with this latest news, it looks like we could see the Nexus 9 launch sooner rather than later.

The tablet is said to be priced at $399, making it an affordable premium tablet. While the device will launch on October 15, it appears that its availability won’t come around until November 3 and interestingly enough, it won’t be sold exclusively through the Play Store. The Nexus 9 will be available through several different outlets, giving it a broader reach than many previous Nexus devices.

The date of October 15 comes in as an ideal date to launch the Nexus 9, Nexus 6 and Android L all in one fell swoop. If the Nexus 6 was to launch at the same event, then it would line up with yesterday’s news that the Nexus 6 would launch before the end of October. If the stars align and this all ends up being true, then we could have a packed week of announcements and releases next week.

Source: Bright Side of News

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  • jak2rocks

    I really hope they all launch together. That would be so cool!

  • twatts723

    As much as I am a Samsung fan, so I’m not allowed to like HTC, I’m really anxious to see nexus 9. I really do think HTC will make a bad ass tablet, and I think their metal body and bezels will fit nicely around a 9 inch tablet. I’m up for one

  • Jim

    The flyer was a superb device once you got stock android on it and HTC do tend to nail product design, really looking forward to this.

  • lawrenceh

    Yes please with a nexus 9/6/5/ everything announcement. Ill have money burning a hole in me pockets.

  • Nate B.

    If this is true, then we only have 3 more days. I wish Google would actually make this a priority and not casually launch it. It would just help Android as a whole.

  • M3rc Nate

    This is awesome except im really saddened (and a tiny bit PO’ed) at what seems to be a discontinuing of making a 10 inch Nexus tablet. I feel like the Nexus 7 is perfect for wanting a very portable friendly tablet, and a 10 inch tablet is the perfect size for media and entertainment…but 9 inches? aka a 8.7 inch screen? …. I want to watch Netflix and Youtube and watch movies and read books etc on my next tablet, i feel like 10 inches is the perfect size for that…but i cant stand the Samsung tablets.

    Overall just sucks they couldn’t announce they are going to either not carry a 10 inch tablet anymore of that they are working on a updated new gen Nexus 10.