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The Moto 360 is getting a new update to improve its UI and adjust lighting


Motorola is dedicated to giving you the best experience possible on your Moto 360, which is why it continues to push out updates like the latest one that’s rolling out, Android Wear v. 4.4W.2. Motorola’s latest update for the Moto 360 includes a multitude of things ranging from battery life to UI tweaks, all designed to improve your Moto 360. Check out the list of changes below:

  • Smart Battery Saving – When your battery hits 15%, your Moto 360 will turn off ambient mode, so you don’t have to remember to.
  • Timely Time Checks – Moto 360 will synchronize the time with your phone more often to make sure it is up to the minute.
  • User Interface Tweaks – We observed with consumers that there are many times where you want to use your Moto 360 as truly a classic watch—a beautiful way to see the time. A new gesture now lets you see the full watch face without permanently dismissing a notification. Just touch the top of a notification and swipe down. You’ll see the notification again when you have another high priority notification.
  • Mood Lighting – Moto 360 will adjust to the lighting of the room while charging, so that it isn’t too bright or too dark.
  • Readying the wires for Bluetooth – There are a couple of under-the-hood enhancements that will pave the way for connecting Bluetooth headsets to the watch.
  • Bug Squashing – As usual, bugs are squashed to enhance the overall user experience.

What we’re looking it is a nice update full of improvements and fixes for issues that people had with the Moto 360. It’s good to see that Motorola isn’t forgetting about Moto 360 owners, but is instead giving them quality treatment when it comes to its products. The update is beginning to rollout now and the rollout will be staged, so it may be a few days until you see it. It should also be noted that your Moto 360 will need a charge of at least 80 percent before you’ll be allowed to install the update.

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Source: Motorola

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