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The Nexus 6′s Ambient Display shows notifications when they arrive

Nexus 6 (2)

Google has included a new feature on the Nexus 6 called Ambient Display that displays notifications on your screen as they arrive. With its similarities to the Moto X, it’s no surprise to see that the Nexus 6 has inherited a feature akin to the popular Moto Display. Ambient Display can be found in the settings of the Nexus 6, and it turns out that it’s a tweaked version of Moto Display that allows you to see your notifications as they arrive. Ambient Display

With Ambient Display on, the Nexus 6 will turn the screen on to display notifications as they arrive. Unlike Moto Display, which only showed an icon for the type of notification, Ambient Display shows you the content of the notification as well. It can also be used to turn the display on when you pick the device up. You can see it in action in the photo to the right, where it’s been enabled on a Nexus 4 loaded with a system dump from the Nexus 6.

We saw reference to this in the Nexus 6 spec sheet from Google, but weren’t entirely sure what it was. Now it makes more sense, as battery life has a stat for Ambient Display being on and one for it being off. It looks like standby time of the phone will be reduced from about 330 hours to 250 hours when Ambient Display is on. Not a major issue, and the convenience of Ambient Display will likely outweigh any impact that it might have.

Have you ever used a device with Moto Display? Did you enjoy it?

Source: Android Police

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  • http://dennisbareis.com/ dbareis

    Looks good, now if it also has an RGB notification LED (who do I have to kill to find out?) I’ll buy the #$%^# thing!

  • Richard Yarrell

    I have to say the truth nobody needs a useless featureless unproven stock android phablet it’s no purpose today.

    Another big screened smartphone with NO PURPOSE or true multitasking/productivity abilities or option is a sad farce to the phablet category made prominent by Samsung.

    Users don’t need these fraudulent products this device is just as stupid as Apple’s wanna be iphone 6 plus phablet that arrived looking like a busted Galaxy Note 2 at best.

    I’m happy Google put it’s foot down and dumped all those cheap never want to spend a dollar group discount price break shoppers who always looked to that yearly price break from Google they acted like they were holier than thou.

    Real buyers of true products put their money where there mouth is yearly not expecting any price breaks for the products they buy yearly.

    You can rest assured Google Nexus users were a small segment of the android platform before this change which resulted in a less than 5% market share now that segment will be even smaller.

    At the end of the day Nexus products will never matter it’s Samsung who makes android what it is today Worldwide globally Google will never top that.

    • Flex

      How much is samsung paying you?
      Good old Samsung is at it again

    • Matt

      Richard your the fool that would buy a 12inch shit if it had nexus branding on and a price tag so large you’hat TV like device to see it on. It got nothing to do with the company people brought in to nexus device’s because they liked them not because of the company name.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Nexus sucks monkey balls period it will always be useless.

        • snowbdr89

          The useless dumb Dick Yarrell showing once again why some humans shouldnt breed.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Good ole snowbdr89 long lost posting guess you didn’t have a job and no Internet connection for all these months.

            You are just as pathetically stupid as that other dick weed Squiddy20 you guys are sisters

        • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

          Dumbest comment from you ever, across all websites. How is your score a 2 and not a 0?

          • Richard Yarrell

            You are just as dum as the other two buttholes Squiddy20 and snowbdr89

        • jecbanks

          Lol at Richard Yarrell getting completely owned on numerous forums.

    • elsin

      I would had bought the nexus 6 if I hadn’t bought the new moto x, if not for that I would be all over this. This phone is not a gimmick. Yes samsung makes good phones but I’m no longer interested in them since the s3 which was the last sammy phone I owned. In my opinion they are not best oem manufacturer of phones. But I can’t tell who makes the phones as what I consider the best may not be what other people consider the best.

    • diordna

      You forgot “monkey balls” and “period”.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Down voting me won’t change any of my comments Nexus line phablet is useless

      • Yourlordandmaster

        It might not change your comments or your uselessness as a human piece of s##t but it will shield others from being exposed to stream of nonsense that comes out of your brain into your fingers into your poor keyboard and onto forums like this.

      • Semproxion

        Ah but downvoting you enough hides your useless comments and seemingly upsets you.

        Win/Win IMO

    • Semproxion

      So REAL buyers are those that are prepared to pay twice as much for same/similar hardware because of a brand name?

      A fool and his money are soon parted springs to mind.

      Google owns the Android platform btw. In your ignorance you keep forgetting this fact. If Google pull Samsung’s licence to use the software, Samsung, like many many manufacturers whose products rely on the OS would be finished.

      Samsung do have TizenOS but it’s nowhere near as slick as AndriodOS and has been delayed so many times by Samsung’s R&D because it cannot compete in the open global market.

      • Somebody

        Apparently, you don’t know what “open source” means. Google *CANNOT* “pull Samsung’s license”, because Samsung (as well as every single other person on the PLANEL) has been granted a perpetual and irrevocable license to use the source code *AS THEY SEE FIT*. The only part of the stack not covered by this “do anything” license, is the Linux Kernel, which is a perpetual and irrevocable license to use the source code *AS THEY SEE FIT, PROVIDED THAT THEY PUBLISH ALL SOURCE CODE CHANGES REQUIRED TO BUILD ANY AND ALL DISTRIBUTED BINARIES*.

  • Dan Jones

    80 fewer hours of battery life? Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a waste of battery at all.

    • Tangent

      That 25% loss is based on standby time though. Maybe during normal day-to-day use it’ll be a much smaller percentage difference…

      • Richard Yarrell

        It’s easy to mislead Nexus users they fall for anything.

        • elsin

          Don’t you mean apple users.

        • Semproxion

          As are Samsung users apparently. They’re prepared to accept a gap between screen and chassis wide enough to slot in a credit card as “excellent build quality”.

    • Richard Yarrell

      You sound like a typical Nexus socialist those people who think they are holier than thou.

      Plain and simple NEXUS users are a small silly segment of no relevance.

      Samsung owns android period nothing else will ever matter worldwide.

      • Semproxion

        Erm. Pretty sure that Google have ownership of the Android OS. . . .

  • Former POTUS from Texas (IQ

    A display that shows notifications when they arrive, thats genius! Whats next? Mankind landing on the moon?
    Btw, i think its amazing that Ellie Millers husband is the Gracepoint murderer.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I will never be denied or silenced I’m the man. Nexus 6 is DEAD PERIOD.

    • masterpfa

      I must thank you Richard

      It’s so humorous to read your comments

      Usefulness no, humourous yes.

    • Semproxion


      It seemingly isn’t enough for you that you are completely ignorant in the subject matter of which you are commenting on, you have to display your ignorance with poor literacy skills.

      I have no issue with you being just another ill-educated American, god knows there are quite a few of you but please, for the love of all that is holy, stop murdering the English language.

  • Sam

    Yeah that feature will definitely save the life of battery. Well, I just order this device and eagerly waiting for my product to get deliver at my doorsteps along with qi wireless charger for Nexus 6.

  • jecbanks

    Well well well… If it isn’t Richard Yarrell, the guy that backed down on Google Plus because he couldn’t face actual tech users. I see you’re still at it.

    Your downvotes and complete annihilation across the internet and forums should’ve told you to quit while you’re ahead. But alas, ignorance is bliss.