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The Nexus 7′s time has come, but its legacy lives on

2013 Nexus 7

With the introduction of the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player came great joy. But we’ve also suffered a big loss in the wake of the good news. Take a look at the new Google Nexus page, and you’ll notice that our favorite tablet is gone. The Nexus 7 has finally been retired.

But the Nexus 7 wasn’t just a tablet. It changed the tablet game, threw it on its head. It was launched when small tablets weren’t selling and only $500 10-inch tablets were popular. And with a price tag of a measly $199, it was a revolution. This is the first cheap tablet that wasn’t terrible. Hell, it was great!

The next year, the successor was released. The 2013 version of the Nexus 7 was a big upgrade, with an awesome new screen and some serious internals. The price was still low at $229, but its impact had long been felt. The entire tablet market was now focused on the smaller tablets, and cheap tablets that didn’t make huge sacrifices to achieve a low price were abundant. Even Apple made a smaller tablet as a result.

The Nexus 7 2013 had been out for over a year, and it’s been out of stock for a while now. We knew the end was near. The device still has a page on the Play Store, but it may disappear at any time. The Nexus 5, an older device, gets its own section on the new Nexus page, so we know it isn’t just dedicated to the new models.

We’re sad to see the Nexus 7 leave, as it has been a fantastic tablet through the two generations we got to experience. Plus, the price point was just right. We now have the more expensive Nexus 9, and the large Nexus 6 smartphone, and the market has a ton of good tablets if you need one for cheap. What do you think of the world’s best Android tablet being discontinued?

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  • Vance

    I have two and may just go snatch up a couple more. Such a great device.

  • Tecnoworld

    OK, now I feel the nexus 9 is NOT what I need. I need a powerful device with a 7-8″ screen, high res, but I must be able to keep it in one hand (the n9 is definitely too large with its 4:3 form factor). Besides n9 is too expensive for what it offers, IMO. For that price it should sport at least 3GB of memory.

    So which device should I choose? I’m a bit reluctant to go with nvidia shield (even if it has what I need at the right price) since they are slow updating it’s os.

    • kiki.utena

      Nvidia are probably the fastest manufacturer I’ve seen for updates. Check those facts before writing them off.

      • townay83

        HTC One X was using the Tegra SoC. Nvidia stopped providing codes for HTC to update.

      • BlazeHN

        The SHIELD devices get updates very fast, even the old Nvidia Shield gamepadlike thing got Kitkat very quickly, even before Sammys and other devices.

        • BlazeHN

          Notice I mean SHIELD devices (directly from Nvidia), not devices from X brand with Tegra processors, that is a different story and its fault of the device brand itself mostly.

  • Joe Ellett

    My 2013 Nexus 7 is far from obsolete, but next time I need a tablet I’m not going to be able to get a Nexus:-( My tablet cannot be larger than my current tablet or it won’t fit in a pants or jacket pocket. Hopefully there will continue to be a market for 7″tablet for years to come.

    The Nexus 9 is a beast, but it’s not my beast.

  • Daniel Berberi

    My dilemma: I currently have an original iPad Mini, which I loved, but with iOS 8 it’s slowed down to a crawl and I can’t stand it. I’ve always wanted a Nexus 7 but I was waiting to see if there was going to be a new one – alas, I waited for nothing. Is buying a refurbished Nexus 7 a good idea, knowing that Android 5.0 will be available for it? I love the size and can’t justify the Nexus 9.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Yeah, the 2013 Nexus 7 is still quick and has some nice hardware. No reason not to buy it really. Nexus devices tend to live long lives. Plus, with some deals, you can get them crazy cheap.

    • Rising33

      Man definitely get the Nexus 7. U wont be disappointed trust me. I am a specs hog and for a tablet the N7 still has it. I had when it was first released and got rid of it and just picked one up 2 days ago and man its as good as when I first picked it up.

  • Tom

    had the original nexus 7 – sold it because i never really used it.
    gave it another chance with the nexus 7 2013, and still – never found any good use case for the thing. sold it also and promised myself i never get another tablet!

    tablets are pretty useless.

  • BlazeHN

    Nexus 9 with 4:3 aspect ratio, what a big NOPE. Wtf? I mean EVERYTHING is widescreen 16:9 this days, why put an ugly pre 90′s screen ratio. We will watch our 1080p videos with horrible black lines on top and botton? or abnormally zoomed in losing details? Games and content are natively 16:9 too, so we will have lots of ackward bugs, and compatibility isues. Nope, I am staying with the Nvidia Shield Tablet.

    • terminalScript

      The iPad has a 4:3 screen ratio, I guess google wanted to compete? It certainly looks like an iPad from far away, maybe that makes it more premium

  • Shahin

    I am glad that I got my Nexus 7 before its gone! and I got it with heavy discount for $139.99. Can’t be happier! :)

  • Shahin

    I am glad that I got my Nexus 7 before its gone! and I got it with heavy discount for $139.99. Can’t be happier! :-)

  • Eli Gaffke

    A new phablet phone that is too big that nobody wants, a new tablet that is the wrong shape that nobody wants, and getting rid of a tablet that people love and want a successor too. Seems like 3 big mistakes on one day, when it could have been great with lollipop coming out. Guess I’ll go for a Droid Turbo.

  • GFaceKilla

    Long live the Nexus 7 (2013). I have the 16gig and I just purchased a used 32gig for $90. Super smooth and fast. Runs everything with no problems. The 16gig will now be wiped and sold. I use it everyday to surf, read and jam at work. I run it using ART and now the battery life is crazy, I mean 19 to 23 hours per charge with medium use. I don’t need a new tablet, this N7 should last me a while.

  • Rising33

    Right for what most people use tabs these days? I mean for the game oriented types ( like me ) but for $650 hmm maybe not. And the 4.3 aspect ratio? Nice design, nice specs, killer IMO but dang it I mean which such good hardware I guess it justifies the price a little, still though my N7 is just right and will hold me off for yr no problems plus Ill get lollipop soon

  • DownloadJunkie

    Sad, sad, sad. I have the original and use it every day. Maybe I need to find a spare. It is the perfect size for my use.