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This is the Nexus Player, the first Android TV device


Tacked on to the end of Google’s huge Android 5.0 Lollipop, Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 announcement is something rather significant for the company: its first entry back into set-top box industry and a strong move to take over your living room. This is the Nexus Player, Google’s first Android TV device.

Made by ASUS, the Nexus Player is a multi-purpose device. It’s a gaming console, Chromecast (it features “Google Cast” support, as Google is calling it) and standalone media streaming device all in one. And all for $99. Running on Android 5.0, the Nexus Player is a small, round black circle that uses Bluetooth 4.1 and a 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Atom processor with Imagination PowerVR Series 6 graphics to serve up all of your media needs. Other specs on the Nexus Player include 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and 802.11ac 2.2 MIMO WiFi.

Software-wise, the Nexus Player will act like the media player equivalent of Google Now. Android TV will work to provide you with entertainment options before you even search for them. Since the Nexus Player runs Android 5.0, there will be some interesting synergy between the Nexus Player and your Android device. Games will be able to be handed off between devices, for example, and that’s just the beginning. As with Chromecast, we expect to see the feature set of the Nexus Player to grow over time.

Available for preorder Friday with a November 3 release, and for $99 you get the Nexus Player itself and a sleek remote with on-board voice control. The game controller shown off with the Nexus Player appears to be coming separately. For more info on the Nexus Player, check out the source link below.

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Source: Nexus Player

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  • J.Cab

    No HDMI pass through or coax in for cablecutters? Boo, Google. Boo.

  • BlazeHN

    So Google ended up offering a kinda redundat product to their own Chromecast. This shows they really concern after all for Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, even Roku devices.

  • Mark

    8GB with no external storage so stupid.

  • Scott

    I’ve been using Android TV for years. This is not the first. It doesn’t even look very good. I wish Google would take this seriously. There are lots of very good Android TV streaming media devices on the market. I put off buying the Minix Neo X8H for this.

  • Wesley

    I’m waiting for a manufacturer to make one with HDMI passthrough. This missing feature is a step backwards from Google TV.