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Unlocking bootloader on the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact will ruin camera performance


Usually, unlocking your bootloader opens the door to many other modifications to be made, like custom ROMs and fancy recoveries. Sure, you’ll often lose the ability to get over the air updates, but the side effects are usually non-existent. But this is not the case with the current generation of Sony devices.


According to Sony itself, a lot of things are disabled once the Xperia Z3 Compact’s bootloader is unlocked due to removal of DRM security keys. This disables the noise reduction algorithm for the camera, significantly worsening low-light performance. And according to others, things like the Bravia engine and possibly even Sony Entertainment Media apps are also disabled. This also may apply to devices other than the Z3 Compact.

Certain pre-loaded content on your device may also be inaccessible due to the removal of DRM security keys. For high-end devices running recent software versions, for instance Xperia Z3, the removal of DRM security keys may affect advanced camera functionality.

For example, noise reduction algorithms might be removed, and performance when taking photos in low-light conditions might be affected. The secure user data partition may also become inaccessible, and you will not be able to get any more official software upgrades if you unlock the boot loader.Sony

This brings up a significant issue with having the freedom of modifying your smartphone. Despite Sony releasing official bootloader unlock tools, it hurts the community when the device is worsened in the process. Maybe someone will figure out a way to get around it, but until then, keep it in mind before unlocking your device. What do you think of this situation? Leave a comment!

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Source: XDA

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  • steve

    Then maybe they should stop locking it

  • stanglifemike

    I love Sony TVs, home theater components, surround sound speakers, and most electronics with their name on it. That said, I’ve never owned a Sony phone due to many of their flagships not being available on Sprint, and international versions being GSM. I really like a lot of their phones and tablets and have often wanted a Sony phone to come to Sprint. With this news though, my mind has changed and I don’t want one of this is how they’re going to operate. I hate to read that Sony is getting so controlling and doing this. Bootloaders should always be unlocked, or at least have a simple method offered by the manufacturer (with no repercussions, of course)…

    • SGB101

      They make nice low end speakers speakers, others than that their stuff is trading on the name they built up in a different century. There stuff is mediocre with a premium price tag.

      They make nice looking phones, with decent hardware, but they have no traction. Pulling tricks like this isn’t going to win over the power users, with is a good market to go for. It may be small, but others wleventually follow.

  • dbareis

    Well I was considering buying a Sony phone…. Its now off my short list :-(
    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Bobby Phoenix

    Not a deal breaker for me. I want the phone for what it is with the only thing I may do is root, and you don’t need to unlock it for that. Even if just rooting did this to the camera I wouldn’t care. How many pictures would I take in low light in a month? Two maybe. It’s a phone. Not a camera.

    • Brandon

      REally? Because the phone is nearly $600.

      It cost more than my Sony Bravia TV.

      I have a $75 Sony wired home phone.

      I’m not paying $600 for just “a phone.”

      It’s more than a phone, and that’s why we’re willing to pay $199 subsidized or $599 (or whatever) unsubsidized — it’s more than just a phone.

      And why pay for an awesome phone with an amazing camera, if doing the thing we all love to do (root and unlock) fucks with one of the things that originally made the smartphone killer?

  • Subx

    Typical of Sony to do something like this. They are a bit like Apple. Have to stick we everything Sony.
    I’m general their products ain’t to bad but for 2014, everything is garbage.
    Their TV’s this year are terrible. Purchased a 60in w800 and took it back it was that horrible. Got a Panasonic instead.

    Why does Sony keep dongle stupid thing like this?

  • mkrmec

    I HATE proprietary code.

  • Vud

    Was really looking to replace my LG G3 with this since it had some issue. Thanks Sony for deciding for me. Saved me $850. Going to wait for Nexus 6 it seems. What a shame, I loved everything about the phone too till this dealbreaker came out to light…

  • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

    I wanted to wait for the Z3 Tablet Compact, I am glad I didn’t. Why on Earth did they provide an unlocking tool that degrades the device? Only Sony could do this…

  • Arnold

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