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Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition has unlockable bootloader, $700 price tag


Samsung has a history of selling Developer Edition models of its flagship smartphones for Verizon, which offer unlockable bootloaders so that tinkerers can do things like load custom ROMs on them. That tradition continues today with the Note 4.

The Verizon Galaxy Note 4 Developer Edition is now available for purchase from Samsung for $700, the same price that Verizon is charging for its no-contract Note 4. Both phones feature the exact same spec list, save for one notable difference: the Developer Edition has a bootloader that can be unlocked relatively easily, a feature that other Verizon smartphones lack.

While $700 is a lot more than most folks are accustomed to paying for a smartphone, it’s still nice that the option for to buy a Verizon Note 4 with an unlockable bootloader is available. If you’ve got $700 and an urge to tinker with a Verizon-branded Galaxy Note 4, you can buy a unit of your own at the Samsung link below.

Via: Android Police

Source: Samsung

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  • Matt

    I don’t get it though..Verizon is probably the worst when it comes to open devices yet they get a developer edition.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Verizon Wireless sucks MAJOR MONKEY BALLS PERIOD they always will.

    • Semproxion

      You know a lot about sucking monkey balls? Since it’s all you say I must assume you’re somewhat of an expert in primate fellatio. . .

  • Mike

    lol they did the same thing with GS5 same day of dev release the stock version got unlocked