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Verizon offering free data bump for new and existing customers on More Everything plan


Apparently Verizon isn’t content to let AT&T have all the fun with the temporary bump to some of their data plans.

In a similar move, Verizon is extending an offer to new or existing customers on a More Everything plan that will net them 10GB for $80 or 15GB for $100. Those tiers typically cost $100 and $120, respectively. The promotion will start tomorrow and, just as with the AT&T deal, this is going to be available for a limited time only. Again, this deal isn’t just for new customers, but existing customers do have to proactively visit the My Verizon site to request that the promotion be applied to their account.

New customers that are buying a smartphone with a 2-year contract or through the Edge program will qualify for a $150 port-in credit on top of the data promo.

We would have liked to see Verizon extend the data bump to some of the lower tiers as well, but data hungry users should be pleased with a little “free” data.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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  • Jeff Moline

    I’m holding on Verizon’s 800 number right now to have the 10gb plan reduced.

  • Beefy Ebola Burrito by Taco Bell

    Thats amazing. What a terrific week.

    1st, Verizon offering free data bump
    2nd, man eats foot in the walking dead
    3rd, husband of Ellie Miller unveiled as Gracepoint murderer

    Doesnt get better than this, eh?

  • John Patrick

    I share a data plan with my daughter who can’t live without Pandora. We were spending 120 for 14 GB. Verizon has a promo Through Monday in which certain tiers qualify for double data. The plans that caught my attention are the 15 GB for 130 dollars. The way it was explained ti me was that it’s the cheapest double data tier. I’m now getting 30 GB per month for $130. Split between two people that’s 15 GB for $65.

  • eric mendez

    I have Verizon and I’m totally unlimited talk text and data I love it

  • Jarrett

    I had a 4GB plan before I called this weekend. After talking to the rep they automatically bumped me up to a 6GB plan for free. The reason I called was because I received a text message saying I could go from a 4GB plan to an 8GB plan for the same price a few days before but she could not they could not verify that text message.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Good to know they are doing something for the lower tiers as well, thanks for the tip Jarrett.