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Dear Google, please make a smaller Nexus 6


Huge phones are great.

After reading that sentence, what was your reaction? Were you nodding in agreement? Were you disgusted by the sentiment? Or were you simply indifferent? Your reaction gives an insight into your personal preferences. It could tell you that you enjoy the extra size and screen real estate of a large phone. Or it could let you know that you prefer a smaller phone that’s effortless to use with one hand.

The obvious point of such a test is to see what kind of phone size you prefer. But in relation to this article, it determines what size of Nexus phone you’d like to see next. Recent rumors have given light to the size of the Nexus device, and in accordance with its codename, Shamu, it’s huge. The display of the purported Motorola-made Nexus 6 clocks in at 5.9 inches, giving it phablet status in size.

For a standard phone on the market, 5.9-inches is by no means a bad size. There’s a market out there that appreciates and values these larger phones. Within that market, such phones generally sell well and are happily accepted by the customers that crave them.

The same goes for “mini” phones. They cater to their own niche of the market that prefers a small, easily pocketable phone that has all the features they need packed within a small footprint. Those that enjoy such a phone will purchase it and happily enjoy it.

Then there are the mid-size phones that bridge the gap and make up the majority of the smartphone market. These devices pick a nice middle-ground screen size that isn’t too big or too small, such as 4.7 or 5 inches. Consumers that don’t enjoy the extra-large devices will feel at home on the device, while those who are amiable to small screens will be content with the amount of screen real estate available to them.

Nexus 6 Leak

Now we swing around to Google’s Nexus line. The Nexus devices are each released once a year and sold through Google Play, in addition to other outlets. These Nexus devices are designed for the purist and the developer alike, giving a stock Android experience and the promise of speedy updates. The market covered by the Nexus line is both narrow and broad. While the two aspects formerly mentioned cater to a small crowd, the size and design of the hardware caters to a group of people who are all very different and have strong opinions on what the hardware should be like.

That’s why it’s a bad idea for Google to release a 6-inch Nexus phone.

With such a large display, Google is alienating a significant portion of the market that purchases its Nexus devices. Rather than going with a moderate display size that everybody enjoys, Google looks to have chosen a size that a small group of people will enjoy, while the rest will be forced to endure the hefty phone.

The decision is altogether poor, particularly because the Nexus devices are excluded to one per year in each category. Unless Google breaks all patterns and takes everyone by surprise, there won’t be a smaller Nexus phone option to choose from unless you purchase the now aging Nexus 5. If Google were to create a Nexus phone with a screen size of 4.7 or 5 inches and then also sell a larger variant at 5.9 inches, like Apple has done, then there would be no problem. People from all parties would be satisfied and be able to choose the device they prefer. But by releasing one size for everyone, Google would create a frustrating situation for all those who don’t enjoy jumbo phones.

Perhaps, by some miracle, Google could create such a large display on a Nexus device without making it unwieldy. From the leaks that we’ve seen, that’s likely not the case, but the possibility is always there. But if the phone is as large as it appears, Google could end up dealing a blow to the Nexus 6 by making it far less appealing to many potential customers. If that is indeed how it plays out, then Google needs to make a smaller Nexus 6.

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  • BlazeHN

    Just give us two Nexus devices, 5″ and 6″, those could be called Nexus 5 (2015) and Nexus 6 and everyone would be happy. Nuff said.

    • BlazeHN

      I mean, Nexus 5 (2014)

    • jamal adam

      I definitely agree with you and feel that two sizes would be the best option and hopefully Google is able to surprise with such a revelation when they announce the Nexus 6. It simply makes the most sense in terms of having those that like larger screens and those who prefer small screens to get a brand new Nexus.

    • Louis A

      Totally agree!! It will be very stupid, dumb and careless of Google to make just a 6″ phone. If they don’t, it will definitely be the first time me and many others will not getting the pure Nexus line. It will be particularly frustrating because the specs on the Nexus 6 are the best yet if you ask me.

      • vforvortex

        You WILL get it and you WILL like it. :)

    • Emily G

      the new iPhone 6 has the perfect size. Our family loves it so much. Its a megaseller they said.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Barf on all Nexus users who are the worst bargain basement price break shoppers who hate to spend money.

      It’s pretty plain and simple NEXUS sucks MAJOR MONKEY BALLS PERIOD. Phablet would be a serious waste of time another boring stock android featureless phablet who wants that.

      • BlazeHN

        Oh, hi again Mr. Richard Samsung.

      • squiddy20

        I love how you make it sound like saving money is a bad thing. God forbid people want to actually save money. You know, for retirement, to afford the really expensive things (like cars, houses, fine jewelry, raise a few kids, etc). Only moronic people like yourself spend all the money they have the moment they get it. Oh who am I kidding. I’m talking to the guy who couldn’t manage his money worth a damn, got kicked out of whatever little shack you lived in, and were subsequently homeless on the streets of NYC for a few years until the Bowery Mission took pity on your sorry ass and took you in. Now you think you’re “rolling with the big dogs” because you can afford a less than $850 (MSRP) cell phone. How cute.

      • Chris

        What a useless comment, jackass.

    • DylanH


  • Dags -

    There’s still the possibility that Google will sell a rebranded Moto X through the Play Store.

    • masterpfa

      I Think that’s exactly what’s going to happen, ‘Moto X Pure’ with Moto X exclusive features removed (and a cheaper off contract price), running Google Camera App with hopefully a few more features.

      OR (conspiracy theory coming up) Shamu IS NOT a Nexus device at all but a larger format Moto X

      (Dramatic music score playing)

  • Chris

    Dear Android and Me,


  • Ed

    I agree wholeheartedly… I’m an average sized dude with smallish hands and a 5.9 inch screen is way too #@&*ing big… I even thought the nexus 5 was a tad big but I got used to it.

    Honestly they could re-release the nexus 5 with a slightly improved camera, a bigger battery and maybe a ram boost and I’d be so down. But this shamu is looking to be a flop in my department.

    • Jay

      I completely agree. If Google took the same Nexus 5 and improved the specs of it (honestly mainly the camera and flash), I would throw my money at Google like a stripper and buy a new one. I love my Nexus 5 but 5.9″ is not a possibility for me.

  • Winston Smith

    I have owned every nexus ever, i will not buy anything but a nexus,but I will not buy this! 5.9″ is way too big, you might as well carry around a nexus 7; it looks ridiculous. This is the first time I’m disappointed in nexus and have nothing to look forward to. Guess I’ll be holding onto my nexus 5 and hope for the best next year, sigh.

    • Steve John Greetens

      I totally agree with you. What a shame (or Shamu) Google!
      I want 4.7 inch Nexus 6!
      Well, lets hope, like it was prevoiusly stated here that Moto will pull a trick and perhaps do general release of MotoX Droid or google will quickly come up with something, else.. waiting 12 months for something new…

  • Ennis

    I’m reserving judgement until I see the actual device. I’ve owned every nexus phone from the Galaxy Nexus on up, so I am in the small minority looking forward to the phone. From the mockups that I have seen, it should be comparable in size to the Note 3, which is one of the most popular phones on the market. I am 6’2 with large hands so size isn’t as big of an issue for me, but I understand the concern. I was looking at the OnePlus One, but have decided to hold out for the Nexus.

  • Maximilian Malachowski

    Muy wife had the Nexus 4 and she loved it, then the Nexus 5 and loved it even more and ocassionally when I used it, it convinced me that my next Phone would be a Nexus. I was happy that this October we could get 2 Nexus. Of course this Shamu thing, it’s a letdown and we won’t be buying a strip down Nexus 7. What a shame. At least two customers won’t be buy it now.

    • Brandon

      I think you mean a scaled down Nexus 7,as the Nexus 6/X will have far superior specs

  • Ricky

    Give me a smaller nexus!!!

  • lsh99

    Between the new moto x and the still-popular nexus 5, I’m thinking the phablet nexus makes a lot of sense (even if I personally would prefer a smaller phone). People who can’t handle the size still have two great options for stock android.

    I’m just hoping that google introduces the split-screen/dual-window feature that the G3 and Notes have and that that is the main reason for having such a big nexus. With that feature, I’m totally in, regardless of the size.

  • Jeff

    Nexus 3 please.

  • john

    Yes pleaseeeee make smaller phones. The nexus 5 is OK but even that’s is a little bit big. :(

  • Jim

    Please stop the hysteria and bleating, if you want a smaller phone, buy one, but this year it won’t be a Nexus! Google have to cater for all segments of the market, that might not include you. It’s what they do, even apple have gone down this route, there have to be alternatives at all form factors. Samsung have led this share of the market, and been successful, so Google are offering something at phablet size, for people who want it. Brand loyalty is all well and good, but the reason you like Nexus products, is because Google made them that way, and they didn’t ask for your advice then, they have design teams, and helpful manufacturers to guide them, why would they ask you now? :-)

    • Dumcommintz

      Because we’re the ones buying the phones? Because if we don’t want it, they get no money and all these helpful manufacturers and design teams are nothing but an expense that doesn’t produce a revenue generating product. That’s why.

      • DylanH

        Actually I love this larger Nexus, I will buy it. There are many people who agree with me, enough to make Google produce a 5.9″ Nexus. Do you think Google is dumb and just blindly releases a product like this?? No… They do a crap ton of research so they have some security. People will buy it and it will be awesome weather you like it or not.

  • Joshua Ramos

    I think they should go back to LG. Cause that Motorola logo on the back of the phone is ugly as hell. Keep it simple. Keep it sexy.

  • Joshua Ramos

    6″ is too big. 5.5″ would be perfect. Cause when you take the on screen buttons into account then the screen would be close to 5″

  • Jim

    Completely agree, was so looking forward to the new Nexus, but at that size, forget it. Just hope they pull a swifty and launch a smaller size as well.

    I alternate between several phones from a gen 1 moto x, through a nexus 5 an LgG3 and a Note 3, allways seem to settle most happily on the smaller size.

    IMHO smaller full spec is the way to go, a La the new Sony Z3 compact.

  • 00quantameister

    As a current Galaxy Note 2 owner with a 5.5″ screen, I’m laughing at all these comments that a 5.9″ screen is too big. You sound like a bunch of iPhone 5 owners. Or that guy who wants his phone to fit in his front shirt pocket. It’s just laughable!

    .4″ more screen is not too big at all. On the contrary, I have a female coworker who owns a Samsung Galaxy Mega with a 6.3″ screen. It is a very competent screen size & very pocket-able. If you can handle a Nexus 7 tablet without much difficulty? A six inch screen should be very possible & plausible.

    Let me speak for all the Android users who want more screen real estate. 5.9″ sounds damn good to me. That’s more screen for reading web content, viewing movies or video pod-casts, gaming, looking at photos or television shows. It’s damn good for video & photo editing on the fly. A large screen also helps with document creation. The added cpu & gpu for those pixels will also help with hardware acceleration for the apps & OS needs. I wish Google would actually released a 6.3″ Nexus device & push the phablet concept right to the edge.

    There have been several reports on smaller screens with lower resolutions that directly leads to eyestrain. A larger screen a higher resolution would help alleviate that problem. Especially for adults who are getting older or kids & teens with vision issues. It can’t be healthy to stare at a small, low res display with tiny font sized text repeatedly during the day. For the sake of healthy vision, a larger & higher resolution display makes a lot of sense. It’s also great for two handed typing & helping to reducing the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury on your thumbs.

    There are over 10 million of the original Galaxy Notes sold. There were over 30 million Galaxy Note II sales to people who could handle a 5.5″ screen. There’s a huge demand for a larger screen with a much higher resolution display. Instead of making a judgement of a product when you’ve yet to experience it? How about checking out an actual larger device & give it a month or two of real world use. I’m just saying!

    • ari-free

      Great! You’ll just love the upcoming 10″ Galaxy Note

    • Dumcommintz

      Well let’s just start putting internal mics and cell radios in all tablets and eliminate phones altogether then. We can all walk around like Obnoxious Cell Phone Guy from Trigger Happy TV.

  • Ron

    If the mock ups are right it’s the same physical size as the note 4. That’s a good size to hold in your hand for me. There is a market for big phones. If they keep the physical size in check it might be just right for me. I can’t wait to see it. Just hope they make it available globally so I don’t have to wait six months before it becomes available here at a normal price .

  • A Linux Dude

    I get so sick of the hate at the PhoneDog group on phablets.

    I’ve been waiting FOR **YEARS** for a phablet-sized Nexus! I’ve always told people, “I just want a Nexus the size of my Note II.”
    What’s it’s slightly bigger? As long as it fits in my pants pocket, I’m happy–otherwise, bring on the bigger screen! One device to rule them all!

    As for different sizes, fine, but you’ve all had your itty-bitty sizes for years and now that we phablet people finally get one of our own, you whine so much, “YOU CAN’T HAVE A BIG PHONE, IT’S TOO RIDICULOUS, WE HAVE TO HAVE **OUR** SIZE!” Go get an iCrap then–oh, wait, they’ve finally wised up to the phablet bandwagon, too.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, if it wasn’t for TmoNews, I wouldn’t read a single article from PhoneDog, the biggest haters in the mobile-reporting world.

    • Topher

      Google doesn’t care what size you want the nexus 6 to be. The nexus 6 is made for developers to Have the latest hardware to test apps on and as a reference device for where android is going. They release it to other carriers for those that may also be interested in it, but the main purpose is developers.
      Everyone saying they are not gonna buy the nexus 6 cause of its screen size, or saying “google lost a customer over their decision” means nothing to them. The android ecosystem has plenty of screen sizes, and Google makes their money on any device you buy. So suck it up cause no one really cares about catering to just you

  • David

    What about the “mini” segment?
    Before, that was covered by apple and android went with ever bigger phones to be different from apple and cater to Asian crowd that wanted to use a phone instead of a tablet or pc.
    But now Apple has abandoned the one handed crowd, android needs to have a premium phone in this space and I don’t see one.
    Some day people will laugh at phone sizes gone crazy. Even 4.7″ is too big for some.

    • SGB101

      Android one will cater for the smaller screen.

      As a note 2 owner, I loved the screen size, but went to a 4.5 as a test on the moto g, and found ad a phone I loved the size, as an all round device the note size is better. So it depends what you want from a device.

      The nexus is meant to the reference device for the coming years android release and it’s api’s, the nexus had always been on the big side at launch, (always big relative to average phone size). I can recall 4.8″ nexus being called to big by many, within months it wasn’t an issue.

      With the average size being 5″ plus, I suppose 5.9 with slim bezels, isn’t a big deal.

      Though, it also depends on dimensions, I currently have a M8 and not that impressed with its shape, it’s to long for its width, but I think it’s main problem is its unbalanced. I preferred both the note2 (cm 10.2) and the Moto G, over the m8 (gpe & sense 6).it is much prettier though, sigh.

    • sandwich

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the phone size I loved the most was the 2.5″ Samsung Galaxy Pocket. Everything about the device – specs, speed, screen quality – was utter crap, mind you, but the physical size of the device itself was really fun, and it went for _days_ between charges.

      I’d love to see a modern version of that phone. Cram as large a screen as possible – with a high DPI! – into that form factor, a reasonably fast processor (HTC One M7 speeds would be fine), and fill out the rest with battery. At such a small size, the phone doesn’t have to be single-digit millimeters thin; the Galaxy Pocket was something like 15-20mm and was just fine.

      • BlazeHN

        Hello Mr. Sandwich, I just found this phone for you: Alcatel Pop Fit, which is slightly better than the Galaxy Pocket.

        Release Year: 2104
        2.8″ Screen
        Dual Core Processor
        8/16 GB Storage + Micro SD Slot
        1 GB RAM

    • ari-free

      yup Android shouldn’t be about simply being bigger than Apple. Who wants a phone bigger than iphone plus?
      It’s about providing the choices that Apple isn’t interested in.

    • BlazeHN

      Have you seen the Xperia Z3 Compact beast? High end specs on a 4.6″ screen.What more do you need?

    • steve

      Z3 mini

  • Saman

    nexus 6 has touch navigation and no hardware buttons, actually it should be same size as iphone 6 and this is not big deal at least for me!

    • SGB101

      The 5.5″ LG g3 is slightly bigger than the iPhone 6, so it will likely split the difference between the 6 and 6+. It be in the note 2/3 size area, which is acceptable.

  • surethom

    1000% agree bring us a smaller nexus 6 or at least a nexus Moto X but with bigger battery.

  • APM

    I want a phone which is smooth, got instant updates and got stock Android without any bloatware. Because of that, I always had Nexus phones and currently got Nexus 5. I was looking forward for its successor, I was very happy with first rumours that it will be made by Motorola and will have 5.2″ screen, which is max screen size I would buy. If next Nexus will have 5.9″ screen, then unfortunately I will have to skip it. Problem is, I don’t know which phone to buy then, because I don’t want to have bloated phones like Samsung, HTC, (and others) are. Im afraid I won’t find Android phone I like, so I will have to look for alternatives.

    • BlazeHN

      You can just get any Android phone that you like on size and specs and then simply root and put a custom rom of stock Android and voila.

      The magic of Android.

  • Massimo

    I owned every nexus device and I will probably buy the nexus 9 because i’m a tech enthusiast but I ‘ m glad that I switched to iphone 6.
    I really like Google, their products and their services but it’s very clear on the nexus line that we are not their customers. Ads agency are their customers. Oem like samsung and lg are their customers.
    I want a 700$ dollar Nexus phone with the best hardware, the best pure android experience, the faster software updates.
    Google is not interested in making it because we are not their customers.

  • Dan

    what a dumb headline

    How can Google make the next nexus smaller when it is already finished?
    Now they are preparing for announcement and launch/sale.
    Making the phone is done weeks if not months ago. The process of making a phone is not finished like 3 weeks before they are going to launch it to stores, they need weeks of weeks of tests to it, if it works great and how it should. If there is any problems both in material and OS.

    Sorry author of this upload but they are not going to make a smaller “Nexus 6″.
    Though what we can hope for or for those who wants a bit smaller Nexus than 5.9 that they might be announcing
    two Nexus, one with 5.2 and one with 5.9, still going to go with 5,9 cause it will likely have better specs but that is just me. Size is not a problem but I think I am going to be very unconfortable using it in the beginning since I have a 4″ iPhone 5 right now, lol but as always people get used to things you know.

  • Jason

    When I read this article, my reaction was, “Huge phones aren’t great”, anything bigger than 5″ is a phablet, too bulky, it peeks out my back pocket and anyone would be inclined to snatch it from said back pocket. I think the Nexus line would be in jeopardy because they have the Nexus 9 and 10 coming out as well. Keep the Nexus X small and give the other consumers option with the Nexus 9 & 10.

    • Ted P

      Yeah, I really can’t figure out how to carry around a phablet without cargo pants or a purse. I’m sure you get used to it, but I’d be hesitant to carry it with my wallet, keys, or backpacker during my commute.

  • Tma


  • Martin

    There is a simple choice if you want this hardware and stock Android – Nexus 6 or Moto X.

    Moto X is stock (enough) with added apps for features, it will be updated quickly. If you don’t want 6 inches screen size look at that or elsewhere completely.

  • ben

    4.7 inches phone screen would be great. Thanks with as small a bezel as possible.

  • pupstatus

    Quit crying and go pick up an awful iPhone 4S, the last of the crappy 3.5 inch screens and let me enjoy my Nexus 6 without listening to people complain their hands are too small. You aren’t the only people in the world. I have big hands. If you don’t want a big phone, don’t buy one.

  • Brandon

    The choice to go with Moto this time around is likely why there’s only a 6″ phone. Moto makes a pair of 5″ phones in 2014 and they will likely come in Google Play editions. I don’t see Moto making another phone in the same price and spec range.

  • steelew

    40th-ed Keep the 5″ size and add a 6″ to keep up with the Jones’s. I already have a 7″ tablet, I don’t need a 6″ phone. This is all my opinion, I don’t want my phone to be that large but I also don’t want to take away everyone’s toys either. Please make a Nexus 5 2014 or 2015.

  • Micheal White

    This.http://techland.time.com/2012/08/22/bad-news-for-google-nexus-phones-still-dont-sell/. The phones are for app developers to make apps to make money for Google. Just like everything Google uses up to and including us as consumers and data collection points.

  • Alba

    Yes Nexus 6 should make little smaller otherwise it will become difficult to handle it. It should have 5.5 inch length, and at least should have 4200mAh battery. Well, I have both Android as well as iOS based devices at my home and recently purchase a Multi Port USB Charger with capacity of 10Amps and Power of 50W that can charge up to 6 Smartphones.

  • J

    I’ve owned nothing but Nexus – One, Four, and Five.

    After using the 5 for a while now, I’m done with Nexus. My next phone will be small enough to comfortably fit in my front pants pocket as well as use with one hand, old enough not to be paying through the nose for cutting edge tech, and popular / powerful enough to have the latest Cyanogenmod.

    That’s all I need.

    Google’s just going a bit crazy with Android and all the changes they’re attempting to force through their ecosystem down on developers, OEMs and carriers. Google gets enough value out of my user data, I’m no longer directly giving them my money.

  • Nexus5owner

    I’ve been against getting a bigger phone but now I’m now considering a Nexus 6 at 5.9 inches, a few reasons

    1. Battery Life: I assume this phone will have a bigger battery, and will android L, battery life should be better than the Nexus 5.
    2. Usability: I barely talk on a phone, I read email, articles, write sms, and watch videos. A bigger screen would be fantastic for all of these.
    3. Less Need for a Tablet: I would love a Nexus 9 but if I were to get a Nexus 6 at 5.9 inches, I don’t see the point. My ideal travel set up would be a Nexus 6 and a Chromebook Pixel 2 (Please google, make it)

  • Jason Matthew

    I’ll HAPPILY take a 4.7″ Nexus Compact.

  • reddragonman

    After reading the comments, it’s terrible to see people bashing each other for wanting a phone that works for them. Some like bigger, some like smaller. It doesn’t really matter. I personally prefer a midsize device, but that doesn’t really work for everyone. That is the true beauty of Android. Where Android is really lacking is in the small premium devices (4″ and smaller). Yes, there are small devices available, but usually much lower specs. It would be nice to see a 3 tier Nexus program where they offer reference devices at all 3 levels, and encourage other OEMs to do the same. Just because it has a smaller screen does not necessarily mean a smaller profit either, as the iPhone has proven for years, people are going to buy what works best for them, and now that the iPhone has vacated that smaller niche, it’s a perfect time for Android to take those customers.

  • No 5.9 4me

    I wear fashionable slim cloths and dress slacks for work and my Nexus 5 looks a bit big in my pocket and I’m an athletic build guy who works out and I weigh 194 and I’m 5’11″. I want to see what the Nexus x looks like in my pocket but I think it will be too big and I will either wait or go with the motox or iPhone 6. It’s sad to think I won’t be getting a Nexus after owning all of them since the Galaxy nexus. Please Google make a smaller Nexus maybe 4.7 or 5″

  • luis galdamez

    I like the zise of my nexus 5 it could use a larger screen with in the same frame will not get anything bigger than nexus 5

  • Bryan

    I thought the nexus 5 was a damn near perfect phone. Good size and great features. If Google upped the battery life, upped the camera on the nexus 5 and kept the same size it would be the perfect android phone. 5.9 is too big for me.

  • Deisbel R Diaz

    Despite I have an iPhone right now, I’ve always loved the Nexus line. For example, I’ve gotten the two previous Nexus tablets.
    My plan for this season was to change my iPhone 5 for the coming Nexus 6, BUT I’m feeling very frustrated about its new dimension.

    I have no idea what is Google thinking about it but I won’t get a phone with more than 5 inch.

    My options are clears. If Google betray the pure “soul and size” of their Nexus phones, then I will have no other option that to buy the new iPhone 6 with the smaller size.

  • Benoit Mendizabal

    I really would like to see a 4.7″ or 5″ with ultra thin borders.

    But as Apple did to attack Android phones market recently releasing 2 phones, I think Google should do the same.

    Google in my mind represents the freedom of choice. It’s in their DNA to let you chose what’s best for you. So yeah, the more products the better. Everyone has different needs and as long as the software integration is unified I wouldn’t mind to see different size of Nexus devices.

  • jeff smith

    “Is that a Nexus 6 in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

  • Dave

    I was gutted to hear the rumours of a 6″ screen on the new nexus, I’ve been looking forward to upgrading from my nexus 4 which i loved… I’ve been an avid fan of nexus for many years, but I just don’t think i can live with what is effectively a tablet in my pocket, i already have a nexus 7 for my tablet needs, they will be far too close in sized for my liking… Now I’m left with a tricky decision, what is the best 5″ Max android phone to get…. Or do I do the unthinkable…. I love the updates you get with nexus, iPhone would be the only way to get a similar update policy…. Please google give us a 2014 nexus 5….. PLEASE….

  • CJ LaFleur

    I wish the Nexus 6 was really the Nexus X and was the same size as the Moto X. Also, I think it needs to be mentioned that the price of this new Nexus is way too high. The Nexus line is supposed to be affordable. However, at this price, your money is better spent elsewhere on a phone of a reasonable size. You can just buy any other flagship off-contract if you were prepared to spend $649 on a phone anyway.

  • DylanH

    Wha wha wha, this phone is too big. I want some thing else so i’m gonna cry about it. THIS PHONE WILL BE AWESOME! It’s big but give it a try, better for watching videos, playing games, reading, browsing, showing people pictures… everything I do on my phone. If you don’t like it buy something else, or wait till the next nexus. I’m just tired of hearing so much whining not even a full day after the release…

    • DylanH

      Lol I’m sure my comment ^ will get many down votes here.

  • johnR

    i have an iphone 4s and i was looking forward o replace it with the 2014 versus of nexus, but i want a phone, not a phablet. Good job google for losing the mainstream buyers.

    note: selling the previous model (nexus 2013) with the same price >>>FAIL!!!

  • Lucas

    I was waiting for a Nexus phone to come back to verizon since the galaxy n. I am so disappointed that the phone lives up to its cose name “shamu”. I really hope they come out with a smaller version, the higher price is not even a problem for me. I won’t buy it until its smaller. Ridiculous.

  • Chris

    I completely agree. I was so excited for the Nexus 6, I bought the 4 right away, then got the 5 when it was released. But then when I saw the price, this was a definite no. The size isn’t a big problem for me, but I would prefer a phone a bit smaller. I realize this article is focusing on size, but the price is a massive problem. One of the main ideas behind the Nexus line is to have a balance between price and performance. They didn’t get anywhere near that with the 6. So I’ll either stay with my 5 or get a Moto X…maybe.

  • Ted P

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve strictly been a nexus user since nexus one. I’m definitely not interested in any other android out there, and can’t see myself using a 6″ phablet. As a result, I’m switching to the 4.7″ iPhone. Not out of spite or anything, there’s just nothing currently appealing for me in the android space.

  • vo

    Yes, Please!I prefer a smaller Nexus 6.

  • Lawrence Hall

    Im put in between a rock and a hard place here. I was holding out for the Nexus to replace my HTC one M7 which is the perfect size but is quite tired since i got it on release day. Its past due to replacement for me.

    The Nexus 6 is just to damn big. The M8 is a step behind now, and i’m not a Samsung fan. The LG G3 specs nice; yet it is lacking in ROM support from what i can see. Moto X does not seem to be coming TMO’s way anytime soon.

    Damn you Google, damn you.

    Who are these people that can carry around such a device in their pockets without damaging it. Or can leave it somewhere semi public and move about. without worry.

    I may just go to the M8 and jump ass soon as possible. Or the note 4, it seems manageable. This should not be a hard decision.

  • Jason Ventrann

    [ Dear Google, please make a bigger Nexus 6 ]

  • anon

    It sucks I had to get the Moto X 2014 cause the screen size and price was just to much. And I hate the Moto X now, I don’t care what people say the Moto X 2014 has crapware too.

  • geminiman7

    Well, here we are in 2015 and I’m left very disappointed by Google. I’m ready to replace my Nexus 5 now, and began looking at the Nexus 6 in December. It’s way too big for me for several reasons.

    Google made a very dumb decision alienating their primary base of Nexus customers by trying to force them to go the route of the iPhone 6 Plus–only.

    At least Apple gave their customers a CHOICE between a “regular” model and a larger screen model. I’ll be going with another brand.

    Screw you Google.

  • Galen

    Personally I don’t think there is another phone out there that feels as good as an Iphone or maybe even the Galaxy S3. I’m not saying either one of those phones are better than the nexus line up but if they went with a size comparable to either of them… I’d own a Nexus 6 right now. I feel like the person who wrote this original post said it quite well. Your screwing yourself out of allot of business Google. Not everyone believes in the Texan’s mantra.