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Sharp Aquos Crystal Review

The innovative new Android smartphone, the Sharp Aquos Crystal, has arrived. Sporting no bezel around the display, the Sharp Aquos Crystal is an affordable Android phone with a very fresh and appealing design and form factor. The device features an edge-to-edge 5-inch display, which is unlike any other phone on the market. In lieu of an earspeaker, the phone uses the entire front glass so the user can hear the voice on the other end of their calls. The Sharp Aquos Crystal also includes Harman Clari-Fi sound processing, an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, expandable memory and a 2040mAh battery. Check out the full video review above.

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  • Martha G

    iPhone 6 looks much better. Just sayin.

    • Thomas

      I phone 6 costs $650 to $700. Sharp Aquos Crystal $149.. Go figure

      • Thomas

        And it’s a great phone. Screen is amazing. 1.2ghz Quad Qualcomm 400. With 1.5 gigabytes of ram. With a 5″ screen screen.

    • Daniel

      In a way iphone is better but come on there is no way in hell a $150 phone can comepete against a $600 flagship phone even though the iPhone line is a bunch of fragile pieces of garbage

  • hockey

    More and more Android smartphones are being released on the market donning with the best features and functions. If you are looking for a smartphone, you can take a look at what Sharp Aquos Crystal has to offer and maybe it will suit your taste.

    • Rosa Davila

      I got this sharp aquos phone yesterday for my daughter & she hasn’t been able to upload any pictures into instagram. She does but when we try to look at the pictures shee uploaded pictures are black Does anyone know if this is a problem with this application.

      • brian
        • Marisol

          wow that really did the trick, now my pics are not black in instagram… Thanks a bunch.

        • a.g.01

          Hey I have the same issue button that website isn’t any good any idea?

      • Marco armenta

        I just got the phone yesterday and I’m having the same problem

      • heather

        I’ve been having the same problem and I have no idea how to fix it

    • nalycia baker

      My camera wont let take pictures wat am i supposed to do and yes it maybe a cheap phone an all but this damn phone is awesome so all u iphone lovers go to hell iphones suck

  • Gibbs me sum dat

    Upgraded to Sharp Aquos just today from an old Samsung S2. The S2′s screen was finally going out. The Aquos is very smooth because I know how to maneuver through the Android system.The screen is Sharp /clear. Sound is good without ear buds. $129.00 at Best Buy right. You can find an unlimited no contract plan for 40 or 55 bucks depending on your needs.it’s a sweet upgrade at a good price.

  • adolthia

    I got this sharp aquos phone yesterday i haven’t been able to upload any pictures into instagram. When I try to look at the pictures uploaded pictures are black Does anyone know if this is a problem with this application.

  • chris

    I’ve been having the same problem with my aquos with regards to posting pics on Instagram. Every time I try to post just blackness where the pic should be. Sharp you need to get on the ball and fix this.

  • chris

    Figured out what to do. Go to camera settings in instagram app and turn off the 2nd setting…..something like high image resolution and all will be good.

  • Daniel

    You guys need to realize its noylt just the phone it is also the shitty Instagram uploader they make you use when you upload

  • aj

    This my second aqous phone and it has been the worst the first one I drop it not even a foot off the ground and the Sim card port wouldn’t read my card.now same thing with my second one I won’t lie. Did drop it from a 3 story building but nothing happened to it still working like a champ but once I drop it again from like a foot off the ground it won’t read my Sim card no more so now I’m stuck paying 55.00 dollars a month without using my 4g LTE so if some could help me with this I’ll love it

    • g

      Same problem sim card does not stay in all the way. Any suggestions besides warranty it? I think this should be covered in manufactures warranty.

  • Mike

    I have the same issue my sim card does not stay in.

  • elijah

    the sharp aquos crystal is the worst phone i have ever owned