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Soundfreaq Double Spot Bluetooth speaker review

Soundfreaq Double Spot 1

I previously reviewed the Soundfreaq Sound Spot and quickly fell in love with it, due to its portability and powerful sound. And when Soundfreaq announced the Double Spot, I was intrigued. It looks like two Sounds Spots glued together, but takes a more stationary design standpoint. How much of its little brother’s DNA is it inheriting, and will I like it just as much?


Soundfreaq Double Spot SFQ-09
Price: $129.99, $149.99 with battery
Where to buy: Soundfreaq
Battery life: 6 hours with optional battery
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, 3.5mm
Charging: USB port with 1A output
Dimensions: 11 x 4.5 x 3.1 inches
Weight: 972g


The Soundfreaq Double Spot is a more home-oriented take on the original Sound Spot. As you noticed, the battery is optional and will cost you extra. This means you can save some money buying a standard model if you plan to keep it in one part of your house, but you have the option of carrying it around.

The front is classic Soundfreaq styling, with the slatted plastic and the two round grills. It’s classy and will easily fit in on a shelf in your house.

Soundfreaq Double Spot 3

The top has all the important buttons. This speaker includes buttons for next and previous tracks, something that’s all too often absent. There is also a Bluetooth pair button to make pairing easier and free of any guess work. The power button has an LED in it to indicate status.

The power button is also the only clicky button. The others are all touch buttons, and while I’d usually count this as a negative aspect, Soundfreaq has nailed touch sensitive buttons on all its speakers. They’re responsive but not overly sensitive, making them just as good as any physical clicky button.

Soundfreaq Double Spot 2

The back has all the ports. The power jack is proprietary, which is normal for larger speakers for the extra power. The 1A USB port is next it for charging your devices when necessary. Then there is the 3.5mm aux jack, and two EQ switches I’ll go over a bit down the line.

The bottom houses the door for the battery. A simple twist with your fingernail or a coin will open the door, and inside is the optional battery. The battery and non-battery speakers aren’t two different models, and the battery can be added to the standard version later down the line if you so wish.

Build Quality

Aside from the metal speaker grills, the speaker is made out of a similar plastic to other Soundfreaq speakers, and feels extremely similar to the Sound Spot. Of course, this is a great thing as both speakers are made out of a surprisingly fantastic plastic. It’s solid with no bending or creaking to be found. It’s also covered in lines all around, making it easy to hold. This isn’t a speaker that will easily break. While that’s not critical in a home speaker, it’s nice to have (especially since I carry it to the garage for some tunes while working on cars).

Sound Quality

This is where bigger speakers excel, and the Double Spot is no exception. This thing puts out a lot of sound. It’s really loud, easily filling large rooms with plenty of sound. It also doesn’t distort music at all until you hit full volume, and that’s only with complicated styles of music. Turn it down one touch, and it’s perfectly clear.

Seriously, the sound quality is fantastic. Every detail can be heard even at really loud volumes, and its ability to fill my living room with sound loud enough to rock out to really surprised me. My only nitpick is that it’s a little light on the bass. This is a speaker that produces natural sound, so the bass is there but isn’t particularly powerful. It could stand to thump a little more.

Soundfreaq Double Spot 4

The speaker has two switches on the back to control the sound. There is the standard “tone” switch that allows you to switch the sound from flat to warm or bright, boosting the lows and highs respectively. I generally don’t touch this switch, though it can help with some types of music. Flat sound suits me better.

The other switch is called UQ3, and is a “psychoacoustic effect” that basically makes the music sound like it’s coming from a larger area. This is like the “live” preset on many equalizers, but more subtle and less annoying. It does make the sound better in many situations, and can be turned off when needed. Thankfully, Soundfreaq’s sound enhancements are all fairly subtle and far from disruptive.

Battery Life

This is a home-oriented speaker, so it’s a bit of a surprise that it has the option of battery power. In fact, it’s made the speaker far more useful for me, as I never keep a speaker in one place. It’s a fantastic option for those who want it, and I’m glad it’s optional.

However, 6 hours of battery life isn’t all that great. It’s more than enough for the purposes of this speaker, but I always wish for more battery life in Bluetooth speakers. With the amount I use them, they don’t last many uses before needing a recharge. Plus, 6 hours is on the low side these days, with many speakers offering more (the tiny Soundfreaq Pocket Kick offers an awesome 10 hours).

From testing, the 6 hour figure seems to be spot on, if not a little on the low side. That’s pretty much the norm for the company. Battery life always slightly exceeds expectations with Soundfreaq.

Soundfreaq Double Spot9 / 10

Soundfreaq Double Spot 5

Overall, I’m very happy with the Double Spot. This is a fantastic speaker for the house and will bring your favorite music to any activity. It’s also perfect for parties and will fit in with almost any decor and look great on your shelf. Plus, with a battery, it can follow you anywhere you need to go.

The sound quality is fantastic and this thing gets really loud. That pretty much solidifies it as a great buy, as it’s the most important part of any speaker. And on top of that, it has great build quality and a fairly low price. There are many competing speakers out there, and at the price level, it’ll be hard to find anything in its league.

The Double Spot comes in both all black and white with a wood grain front bezel. It’ll set you back $129.99, or you can go for the $149.99 package with a rechargeable battery. Head over to the Soundfreaq site to get yours!

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  • Stoxystocks

    Great Review, I love the look of this bluetooth speaker. I would defiantly be interested in purchasing one, but, every time I try to find a place to buy of there website the link goes to a 404 page. I dunno if that is a broken link on the website or if it is because I am in the UK.

  • Dave

    Looks quite good, but for those of you who are looking for some serious power may I recommend Thodio A-Box. It comes with 200 Watts amplifier, aptX Bluetooth and great design. Not to mention 12 hours battery life! Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpgUcnXE8W0&index=1&list=UUGw47c6pdf7SE5B7TzpJqLw