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Sprint Lease lets you rent a Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S5 Sport for $20 per month


Sprint’s already got a few different ways that you can buy a new smartphone, including a two-year contract, Sprint Easy Pay monthly payments and full retail pricing. If none of those payment methods are a good fit for you, Sprint’s now got a fourth option.

Sprint Lease lets customers lease a Samsung Galaxy S5 or Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport at a price of $20 per month for 24 months. Once the 24 months are up, customers can either turn in their phone and end their service, turn in the phone and lease another model, purchase the leased GS5/GS5 Sport or continue leasing their GS5/GS5 Sport on a month-to-month basis.

Sprint Lease’s monthly charge is slightly lower than Sprint Easy Pay’s. With Sprint Easy Pay, customers will fork over 23 payments of $27.09 per month and one payment of $26.92.

Sprint also notes that it’s got a special Sprint Lease offer for existing customers. Those current Sprint folks that lease a GS5 or GS5 Sport between October 31 and January 15, 2015 will get a $15 monthly loyalty service credit.

Having more options when it comes time to buy a new smartphone is always nice, so it’s nice to see Sprint Lease arrive with the GS5 and GS5 Sport. Here’s to hoping that the program expands to include more phones in the future.

Source: Sprint

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  • Dirty Budha

    A very interesting move, I must say.

  • alex

    Thats almost as much extra you pay while being on contract but at end of contract you keep the phone this is such a ripoff

    • Michael Ralat

      $250 up front on a 2 year. Lease is free if you dont have a spending limit on your account. So its a much better and cheaper option

  • Chris (UK)

    So if you’ve got a contract already, it’s $20 to rent a GS5, but you get $15 credit. So if you already have a perfectly good phone, then you can rent a GS5 for your partner for an additional $5. That’s a win. Just get a prepay or sim-only contract to go with it.

    • Chris (UK)

      Oh wait, do sprint do sim cards? Maybe not so good.

  • abar

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  • abar

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  • Roselyn Donnell

    So wait my friend on my account has an S3 so does this mean she can lease an S5 for 5 bucks a month it says 15 dollar monthly credit. How many months is the 15 dollar credit? I mean cause 20 bucks x24 is 480. I am use to paying just 200 bucks and resigning for 2 years. But my friend would probably rather pay monthly.