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Facebook releases standalone ‘Facebook Groups’ app


Facebook has been on a recent trend of separating parts of the main app into separate apps, most notably Facebook Messenger. There has been a whole controversy around Messenger, as Facebook removed the capability from the stock app and required people to download the standalone messaging app to use Facebook’s message capabilities. People were definitely not happy about that.

However, it looks like Facebook didn’t learn its lesson (what lesson is there to be learned when adoption rates of the Messenger app are super high?) and is now separating another feature from the stock app. The new app is called Facebook Groups and it allows you to manage and communicate with your groups. It’s basically a more refined and feature rich interface for groups, if you need it.

Luckily, the app is not mandatory to use this feature. The groups functionaltiy remains in the main Facebook app as of now, though that was the case for Messenger until Facebook decided to remove it. Thankfully, Facebook’s recent apps are really not that bad. Facebook says that the app will be available today on both iOS and Android worldwide. Are you unhappy about Facebook’s direction with its apps?

Source: Facebook

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  • captdago

    Not sure what Facebook app your using, but mine ( still has full messenger capabilities. I agree, they haven’t done things the best way possible at times. But next time, do a little research about the products your reviewing.

    • BlazeHN

      Well, since long already everyone who have up to date version of Facebook app it’s obligated to use the Facebook Messenger app to check PMs, you can still see the Messages icon on the FB App but it just a launch button to the Facebook Messenger App. Maybe you are using an old version.

      • Dima Aryeh

        Looks like he’s using a current version. I think it acts on a timer. It’ll let you use the built in messaging function (it hasn’t actually been stripped) then force you to download Messenger down the line. I just uninstalled Messenger and I can use the built in Messenger function again, but previously on the same phone, it forced me to download Messenger after a while of hitting “remind me later” in the app.

    • jerrbomb

      They along with everyone else has done their research.. No one is giving mid information.. On some updated apps you can still use messenger in the app if you don’t have the standalone app.. Facebook has probably done this to give the rest of its users more time to get the messenger app.. But after a while it will give you the warning that you need to have the messenger app before it takes the functionality away from you.. You will always be able to view what messages you have receive but in order to fully interact with it.. You are going to need the standalone app.. Please do not fault the editor for this simple mistake because your giving the impressing that he is giving the wrong information. Thank you.

  • tarman

    And I’m betting this will add another 50mb to your phone, while increasing the size of the Facebook app as well

    • Dima Aryeh

      It’s true, they never stripped the messaging portion of the Facebook app out. It’s still there, taking up space.

    • john

      Yes, 50 mB. Soon we’ll need a phone just for Facebook.