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HTC RE companion app now on the Play Store

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The new HTC RE camera, yet to be released, is an interesting device. It’s a small camera capable of all sorts of video recording modes. But without a viewfinder, its usability is limited. Luckily, HTC has released a new app to the Play Store that will pair with the RE and use the device to its fullest extent.

The app will basically be your interface with the camera, aside from the buttons to shoot content on the device itself. It’ll let you sift through the content you’ve already taken and it on your social network¬†of choice. It’ll also provide a live viewfinder for easier framing of content, if you happen to need it.

While I like the concept of the camera, I can’t help but think it’s incredibly clumsy to be taking video with one hand while staring into your phone in the other. On the other hand, a wireless viewfinder is pretty handy in some situations. Check out the app on the Play Store by hitting the link below, and let us know if you’re going to be buying one of these devices!

Play Store: HTC RE

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  • Danny

    I don’t understand the concern with this device. It seems to be just like a gopro but not as rugged and at half the price. Last I checked, the gopro does not have a viewfinder either… I plan on buying one unless someone can convince me not to.

  • MrNobody

    Yeah, I don’t understand the confusion about this camera either. It’s meant to take photos/videos in situations where you would not be using a viewfinder (group shots you want to be included in, gopro perspectives, etc.), and where it’s clumsy or impossible to use your phone.