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Motorola connect updated with custom watch faces for the Moto 360 and more

Moto 360 Dark Side of the Moon watch face

With smartwatches comes the endless yearning for the perfect watch faces. Finding the right watch face to suit you, or more accurately your mood at a certain point of the day, is difficult even with the pretty sizeable amount of options currently out there. Luckily, if you’re a Moto 360 owner, you can now create your own watch face.

Motorola Connect is an app you should definitely download if you have a Moto 360. It lets you customize the current stock watch faces from the app, and someĀ other things as well. With the new update came a few new watch faces along with a “My Design” face. This allows you to use a photo from your gallery as the background and tweak things like the arrows and tick marks. It’s actually quite cool.

Other changes include a new Moto Body section, which is an alternate health app to Google Fit, as well as support for a potential future accessory called the Keylink, a little key fob that aids in finding your phone or finding the keys it’s attached to using your phone. Pretty nifty, though the device isn’t on sale yet.

If you want to check out the app, hit the source link and download it! And if you do make some fancy watch faces, show them off in the comments!

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Source: Play Store: Motorola Connect

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