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Sprint’s Family Share Pack plans get a bit cheaper for the holidays


Sprint is getting ready for the holiday season by discounting its plans to net some new customers in time for next year. The $80 and $90 Family Share Pack plans are getting a discount where each line will cost $15 per month on top of the base share plan price rather than $25. For larger families, this will end up being a significant savings over a few years.

On top of that, the current promotion of 20GB of shared data being $100 a month is still going, so it would be a pretty good time to join Sprint if you were planning to do so. And if you bring in a current number and buy a Sprint plan, you can get up to $350 on a prepaid Visa to pay off your early termination fee with your current carrier.

While Sprint’s network is probably the weakest of the four major US carriers, the company offers cheap plans and a decent selection of devices. The $15 per line promotion starts Friday, November 14, so wait till then if you want to join Sprint!

Source: Sprint

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  • jerrbomb

    Not to sound like a troll but sprint is playing it desperate now.. Pay attention to the wording of this article very closely and you will see that its gone from 25 a line to fifteen.. With the changes only making noise in the savings path sometime down the road.. And then they have a pre paid Visa gift card of “up to” 350 dollars. The same basis upon T-Mobiles marketing strategy that they would give you up x amount when leaving your current wireless provider. But not mentioning that what’s really happening is you wont receive compensation for ETF until a few bill cycles later if at all. Hell they might even “forget”. Sprint have been trying to compete against T-Mobile so hard that they have had to change their plans and marketing strategy a lot within the last six months and they hardly ever recognize those who haven already joined focusing on only bringing in new customers instead also remembering that they need to maintain they customer base as well. Thank god Hesse is out of the picture. But it might be a little to late for the now SoftBank owned US carrier. They need to focus on bettering their network and sticking with a decent strategy that can indeed truly convince possible customers. That switching to and staying with sprint is is red the logical to do over other carriers.. Mainly T-Mobile who has an aggressively worthy strategy that attracts people with light pockets and it maintains a majority of their customer base.