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How to add Qi wireless charging to any Android smartphone or tablet


Wireless charging is one of our favorite smartphone features. Simply drop a wireless charging-equipped smartphone on a compatible charger and you’ll never have to fumble around with another microUSB cable again. The problem is that there are very few Android devices that have wireless charging abilities right out of the box. Samsung and LG have  a few devices with optional replacement backplates that add Qi wireless charging, but if you own an HTC, Motorola or a Sony, you’re pretty much out of luck.

Fortunately, there is a product that can be used to add Qi wireless charging to any Android smartphone, and it won’t break the bank. The DigiYes microUSB Wireless Charging Receiver Module is available on Amazon for under $10 and allows you to add Qi wireless charging to any Android smartphone or other gadget with a microUSB charging port.

What you’ll need

How to add Qi wireless charging to any Android smartphone

  1. Plug the DigiYes microUSB Wireless Charging Receiver Module into your phone or tablet’s microUSB port
  2. Wrap the receiver module around the back of the device and secure it with a the included strip of double-sided tape
  3. Place your device and the connected receiver module inside your favorite protective case
  4. Lay your device on a compatible Qi wireless charger
  5. Experience the joy of wireless charging!

It’s that simple. We purchased the DigiYes microUSB Wireless Charging Receiver Module last week for our HTC One (M8), but we’ve also tested it on dozen different devices that we have sitting around the house. In the coming years, wireless charging will be included in every gadget that we buy. Until then, we’re glad there are cheap accessories that allow you to add wireless charging to pretty much any device.

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  • ScooterRocket

    Well, almost any device. My Google Nexus 7 has the micro USB connector in the wrong orientation (wide side up) for this device and its sisters.

    • Nick Gray

      Click the link and check out the other models from DigiYes. They have ones for inverted ports and also ones for phones of other devices with microUSB ports on the side.

    • BatterBits

      If my memory serves me correctly, the Nexus 7 already has wireless charging built in

  • ScooterRocket

    Almost any device… my Bluetooth earpiece is too small.

    • Nick Gray

      you’re not trying hard enough. It would work, you’re just not willing to get the odd stares when you’re using it with a wireless power receiver module dangling from your ear.

  • Bart

    I don’t think this would work with the Samsung Note3 or NotePro 12 because they use a different connector for charging. But if I’m wrong, please let me know because this would be great.

    • Nick Gray

      Last I checked, the Note 3 and other devices that have microUSB 3 ports can still use microUSB 2 cables. The data transfer is slower, but it should be backwards compatible, even for charging.

      • ScooterRocket

        Yes, I have a microUSB 3 device… the fat side accepts a microUSB 2 cable.

  • NexusFan

    The Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 both have wireless charging out of the box, and both made my LG.

  • Mike S.

    I did this with my Moto G (2014) and it got hot, uncomfortably hot.
    Since it was my first experience with wireless charging I couldn’t tell if it was normal for it to heat up like that or if I had a defective receiver or sender. I wasn’t willing to take the chance and sent it back.
    Internal temp on the phone was hitting 115 and everything I read said that wasn’t good.
    Has anyone else used this system and what were there experiences with it getting hot.

  • Brooks Barnard

    Nick, this is awesome. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get qi wireless charging on my wife’s AT&T LG G3 for months. This might do the trick if she’ll let me steal her USB port.

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  • Glen Olsen

    I can see that this module is not very large laterally, but how thick is it? (I’m thinking of a modification)

    • Nick Gray

      Don’t have exact specs on thickness, but probably somewhere between .5 and 1mm. What type if mod are you thinking of?

  • Robert

    I have been inquiring of distributees as well as manufacturer about using on S4 with extended battery. Still no response. I have tried it & the phone/battery gets really hot but doesn’t charge as fast or completely as in standard battery. Anybody hot any info on this type situation?

  • Carl

    Unleso I’m missing something I can’t see how this would work with Sony Z2, micro usb is hidden behind a waterproof flap.

  • Dragan Nikolic

    It’s amazing how you can add a wireless charger feature to your smart phone for under $10. I only heard for these guys and their industry solutions.

  • Bram Menten

    I am looking to charge my samsung galaxy s 10.5 tablet wireless. Any solutions for that available?