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Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is shipping today


Amazon has announced today that its powerful answer to the Chromecast and the fastest selling Amazon device ever, the Fire TV Stick, is shipping today. For those of you lucky enough to have order one when they first went on sale, you can expect the Fire TV Stick to arrive at your door shortly. Everyone else has quite the wait ahead of them.

With early orders of the Fire TV Stick now shipping, new Fire TV Stick orders will be shipping on a first-come first-served basis. According to the official listing page for the Fire TV Stick, the device won’t be in stock until January 15, some two months from now. There is a chance you could receive yours sooner if you reserve your place in line, but don’t rely on it.

For the price, the Fire TV Stick is a great deal. At $39, if Amazon were able to keep up with demand this holiday season it could have undoubtedly sold an astonishing number of Fire TV Sticks. We’ll be sure to update you if Amazon is able to get more in stock before the current January ship date.

Source: Amazon Fire TV Stick

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  • Dirty Budha

    Recieved mine and will hook it up this evening.

  • Dirty Budha

    It’s quick and fairly easy to use. I say “fairly” but it actually gives you a tutorial when it first boots and loads.
    Glad I bought this, and for $20.