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Android 5.0 for HTC One Google Play edition delayed


If you’ve got an HTC One (M8) or One (M7) Google Play edition device and you’re waiting patiently for your update to Android 5.0, well, you can stop waiting now.

HTC’s Mo Versi has revealed on Twitter that the HTC One GPe Android 5.0 update has been “delayed,” explaining that Google wanted “one more SW spin.” Versi hasn’t offered a new timeframe in which the update may be released, but he promises that he’ll let us know when Google approves the software.

Is it disappointing that HTC One (M8) and One (M7) GPe users won’t get to enjoy a tasty new Lollipop this weekend? Certainly, but delays like this happy, and we’re glad that HTC is at least keeping us informed about what’s going on. And because HTC has been spot-on with updates in the past and we’re now just waiting for Google’s approval of this update, we’re betting that it won’t be too much longer before you HTC GPe folk are on Android 5.0.

Sources: @moversi (1), (2)

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  • Chuxter

    Today’s typo: “but delays like this happy”… should be: but delays like this happen.

    • Paxmos

      Don’t worry about the typos, the whole lollipop fiasco sucks big

      • Donlon

        What this person typed. This whole Lollipop roll out has been an absolute disaster for Google. I’ve lost all phone faith in Google. Lollipop still has jank and stutter on my Nexus 5. Like the new interface. But the experience is still jerky at times. Not smooth like iPhone 6. Thanks a lot, Google.

  • Tma

    I am already on Lollipop on my Non GP M8, head on to XDA and install custom v5.0 ROM.
    I love sense but Lollipop is amazing so I switched to Custom Lollipop and it works great.

  • isaac

    “Things like this happy”?! Seriously bloggers and many news sites are wack. Nobody knows how to write anymore