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Android TV apps to get screened by Google


One of the great things about Android is that developers can submit their apps to Google Play and, for the most part, they’ll get published without needing approval from a Google reviewer first. However, things are going to be a bit different with Android TV.

A Google support page has revealed that Android TV apps will be subject to review before they’re put on the Play store’s virtual shelves. Google explains that its team will screen apps “for usability with a DPAD (apps) and Gamepad (games only) and other quality guidelines.”

While this move may sound a bit scary to some, it kind of makes sense, especially after Google TV didn’t exactly take off. Screening apps will ensure that they work as they should before they’re available to consumers, ensuring a smooth user experience and helping to give Android TV a better shot at success.

Via: Android Police

Source: Google

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  • Dan Jones

    This makes total sense to me. Since getting my NVIDIA Shield, I use the D-Pad quite a bit, and it’s frustrating when apps don’t support it at all, or just partly. Sure, I can use the touch screen, but in many cases, the D-Pad really is faster.

    I’ve even written to developers asking them to support the D-Pad in their apps, and in many cases, they update the app to add support.

  • DNKK

    I think this is mostly aimed at illegal streaming apps. Google play content partners wont be happy if streaming apps are allowed onto the android tv through the play store.