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Apple tool lets you easily disconnect your phone number from iMessage


If you’ve ever used an iPhone and then decided to switch to Android, you likely know the pain that comes with trying to liberate your phone number from iMessage and get text messaging working once again. The issue has been plaguing users since iMessage debuted in 2011, but today Apple has provided us with a solid, easy solution.

Apple now offers a web tool that lets you quickly disconnect your phone number from iMessage. All that you have to do is enter your phone number, wait for a 6-digit confirmation code to hit your device via text message and then enter that code into Apple’s website. Easy peasy.

Obviously not every Android user has had to deal with Apple’s iMessage problem, but even if you haven’t, you likely know someone that has. And though it took Apple a while to offer this simple web tool, it’s good to see that that it’s now dead simple to liberate your phone number from the iMessage system.

Via: The Verge, Reddit
Source: Apple

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