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AT&T Nexus 6 comes with locked SIM and carrier ringtones


AT&T’s variant of the Nexus 6 has a bit more disappointing news coming towards it today. After yesterday’s news that the device has AT&T’s logo on its back and lock screen, today has brought forth some more revelations about the carrier customization on the device. For starters, its SIM card is locked to AT&T. The only way to unlock it is to purchase it from a third-party or get it from AT&T after your contract has been fulfilled or your device has been paid for in full.

AT&T’s Nexus 6 also won’t allow you to set up a mobile hotspot or tether without subscribing to the feature through AT&T. Finally, the AT&T Nexus 6 comes pre-loaded with carrier ringtones, something that’s traditionally kept off of Nexus devices. All in all, a pretty disappointing set of news that shows AT&T’s uglier side. The side that doesn’t allow a simple, clean, stock phone on the carrier.

What do you think of this news?

Source: Android Police

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  • Robairto


  • Rising33

    Boycott At&t for that. No one buy a Nexus device from them so that they get the idea that they can’t change a product that was meant to be the pure android experience, open source and violate that for their customers. Nexus devices are supposed to be unlocked, no carrier bloat ware ( carrier ringtones? )….. That’s like ordering a hamburger at McDonald’s and getting a cheeseburger instead and that pisses me off never mind a device which costs $$$.

    • Chris

      “That’s like ordering a hamburger at McDonald’s and getting a cheeseburger instead”

      Your argument doesn’t make any sense. If a person doesn’t want AT&T branding/ringtones… all they have to do is buy it from the manufacture or Google’s Play Store and bring it into AT&T.. no big deal. Anything you order from a carrier.. you can already expect it to more than likely carry the carrier’s personal touch..

      • Rising33

        What i mean is that every one who knows the Nexus branding expects a device with no such restrictions and got something else besides what Nexus brand offers. Takes no brains to get it. Of course people can get it off contract somewhere else with no branding but u have to admit that there werent expecting the little restrictions that Att put on the phone.

  • Ellett

    This kind of arrogant behavior is why I left AT&T and won’t even consider going back.

    I wonder what kind of conversation there was with Google on how much they were allowed to f*** up a phone and still sell it as a Nexus.

  • Rising33

    There u go. Ellett gets it………

  • Rising33

    My question is why go through the extra steps. U get it for much less with a contract through Att then having to go buy it off contract pay 2 and half times more to then take to Att to get it hooked up. Some people dont have that kinda cash in their sock drawer, which is why they get into a contract in the first place.

  • Mike

    isnt Google just as much to blame for allowing this? They can push back,and they chose not to. Nexus means nothing now.

  • Hector DeJesus

    Looks like another Samsung Galaxy Nexus situation.

  • Jacob

    150 bill credit to join att. Holding nexus 6 in my hands now. Downloaded Zedge to change rington… Ya I’m good. Keep hateing boys.

  • Luis

    That’s just stupid. The Nexus program is supposed to be pure. Pure android. Pure stock. No bloat. So only Apple can sell what they want and have no carrier brandings? FOH. I’m not an Android fanboy nor Apple, but if one can the other should too.

  • Dirty Budha

    Just wait for the devs to root it and all those restrictions will begin to desolve.

    It’s pretty lame on Big Blue’s part.

  • Ajis

    I returned it due att branding. I bought the phone from att and returned it within 4hr due to Att branding and restrictions. Its nexus phone I thought i bought.

  • Philaug

    Ok , everyone who had use the nexus phone in the past knows what it means. It is suppose to be pure with no carriers logo , pure android experience just like Google Intended to have android. We had the Verizon mess that gave the Galaxy nexus a bad reputation , it was rectified with the nexus 4 and 5 . Now here we go again with the 6 which suppose to take the nexus brand to the next level and get screw by a carrier who wants to impose its ways. T-Mobile is my way to go .