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AT&T Nexus 6 units arriving with carrier branding and boot screen in tow


There’s been a lot of confusion recently about the AT&T Nexus 6 has carrier branding on its body. Is that model shown on AT&T’s business site legit? Is it the work of some confused designer? Well now that units are shipping out into the wild, we finally know the answer.

XDA-Developers forum users HCdroid and ald9351 report that they’ve gotten their Nexus 6s from AT&T and not only is there a globe logo tattooed beneath the N6’s rear Nexus logo, but that the devices also have a brief AT&T boot animation at startup. The rest of the phone’s body and its packaging appear to be straight Nexus.


Because the same Nexus 6 works across all five major U.S. carriers and because we hadn’t spotted any other official images of Nexus 6 branding, it was unclear whether or not this N6 AT&T tattoo was the real deal. Apparently AT&T felt the need to brand the Nexus 6 units that it sells, making the backside slightly more cluttered than it already was. We’re sure that some Nexus purists will find ways to rid their N6s of AT&T’s branding, but for now you folks that ordered a Nexus 6 from AT&T will have a globe staring back at you when you look at the rear of your phone or boot it up.

Via: Droid Matters
Sources: XDA-Developers (1), (2)

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  • Thomas

    Does the operating system have alterations as well, or is it still completely stock?

    • Christopher Wueste

      This is the really important question. I could live with the branding on the back and I can always remove the boot screen.

      • Juan

        When you first boot the device and set it up, there will be downloads of the AT&T applications that can be uninstalled.

  • Tarun Bansal

    Much awaited mobile

  • Brandon

    Bet money then that it has a locked bootloader and ATT apps running in the background!

  • Scott

    I just hope AT&T offers the 64GB version as well. So far there seems to be no information about the larger size or the white color option. Trying to be patient is getting harder as T-Mobile already has both size options available.

    While I absolutely wish the Nexus could be a little less tainted by the carriers, it isn’t exactly unexpected. At least the carrier branding is not exactly a deal breaker for me as it will just be under a case anyway.

  • JD

    It will come with Some AT&T apps but you can easily remove them… dont know about the boot screen logo though.

  • SirLooney

    I’m just going to get a skin that’s near the same nexus back we love.

  • junio

    Why should I buy a att version when you can buy the play versión for less money

    OK I call at&t and on next plan this cost 700 dollar on 2 years agreement this cost 800 dollars after they will not discount your 25 dollar on family plan

    So google play store is cheaper and not branding pure stock

  • steve

    Dame carriers leave our phones alone. Thats why i buy unlocked with no carrier involved.

  • Tina Emilia

    Some of us did try to buy from the play store… repeatedly. Even had one in my cart 4-5 times only to have it magically disappear. Also tried Motorola twice. Gave up and ordered through AT&T.

  • illrigger

    Does it still have Qi wireless charging? AT&T’s PMA ties may have had them disable or replace it.