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AT&T tweaks high-end GoPhone prepaid smartphone plans to include data throttling

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AT&T today tweaked its two most expensive GoPhone prepaid smartphone plans, and the good news is that the changes are mostly good.

AT&T’s $60 and $45 prepaid smartphone plans offer unlimited talk and text as well as 2.5GB and 1GB of data, respectively. Before today, you’d have to pay $10 for 1GB or 500MB of extra data, but now once you cross that threshold, you’ll continue to get fed data, just at a pace of up to 128kbps. The prepaid paid continues to list those $10 for 1GB/500MB options, so it’s possible that you can pay to add more high-speed data to your plan.

While 128kbps isn’t exactly a blazing fast data speed, it’s better than having your data cut off completely if you don’t want to or can’t pay for an additional bucket. So hey, if you’re currently on one of AT&T’s top-end prepaid smartphone plans, you no longer have to worry about totally running out of megabytes before the end of your monthly cycle.

Via: Android Central

Source: AT&T

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  • Robert Aitchison

    Not really a bad deal but Cricket is still a better one.

  • ALee101

    $60 ($55 with auto pay) on Cricket gets you 10GB of LTE (capped to 8Mbps and throttled to 2G afterwards). This guy is loving his OnePlus One on Cricket.

  • Melvin

    Thanks god I spend a extra $30 for data. I mean I love the LTE they have. But I hate when I run out….and then cut

  • Gotta Ducati

    I believe that AT&T is trying to run damage control over the lawsuit that the FCC and the FTC have filed against them regarding their “Unlimited Plans”.

    A quick dictionary definition of the term “Unlimited” means “unrestricted”, “unconstrained”, “unimpeded”, “unrestrained” “unhindered”, “lacking any controls”, “boundless”, “infinite”, and / or “not bounded by exceptions”.

    Clearly, AT&T is not providing an “Unlimited” service to its “Unlimited” subscribers.

    Verizon was very smart to lift their throttling policy. It appears that AT&T has chosen to fight.

    AT&T states that it sends e-mails or texts notifying customers that they had crossed pre-set limits and would experience slower data speeds for the rest of the billing period.

    I wish to hear how an AT&T attorney can explain to a jury exactly how “Thresholds” and “Data Caps” can be used in the same sentence as “Unlimited”?

    I hope AT&T incurs punitive damages, has to pay customer refunds, and most important … lifts their deliberate and damaging throttling.

    Good Job FCC and FTC !!!

    I believe that AT&T just legally speaking “screwed-the-pooch”.

    • james thomas

      Unlimited and unrestricted do not have the same meaning dont know what dictionary you read, but lets say you have unlimited tv stations or data, but that doesnt mean thier unrestricted unless the company says so. If they say you have unlimited data with restrictions then you have to read the restrictions. I never read anywhere where at&t said that ypu have unlimited 4g high speed data only unlimited data with restrictions and if you follow the restrictions it is unlimited its a legal way of doing it but its legal

  • james thomas

    At&t clearly has the best 4g network available for prepaid smartphones. I have a galaxy s5 and am on the 60$ a month plan and i am so happy with the data and data speeds i get on this phone dnt know how anyone could complain i had verizon prepaid years ago it sucks my brother has it now and it sucks even worse on prepaid, verizon treats its prepaid customers like 2nd class citizens they do! At&t prepaid customers get excellent customer service and plans, i will say some of the customer service reps have slipped some on thier knowledge or training, but they are still very polite and friendly. The new data plan tweek giveing a person unlimited after you run out’of your 2.5GB is great!! Thanks at&t your# 1 in my book James Thomas Kalispell Montana