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C Spire Wireless now offering rollover data

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Do you remember rollover minutes back in the day? If you didn’t use all of your minutes one month, the unused minutes would carry over to your next billing cycle to help protect you from going over your limit. It was really nice to have that safety buffer for months of high use. Now, C Spire Wireless has announced new plans with rollover data.

It’s the same concept as the rollover minutes of the past in that you can take unused data from the previous cycle and use it for the next cycle. The new rollover data plans will cost $40 a month for 2GB, $55 a month for 4GB, and $65 a month for 6GB. With a subsidized device, those prices go up by $25 per month.

I know a lot of us have been wondering why rollover data hasn’t become a thing a long time ago. It seems data is something carriers like to charge for as much as possible, and that has led us to this dystopian future where data is capped and speeds are throttled. What do you think of these new rollover data plans?

Source: Fierce Wireless

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