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Chromecast on sale for $23.99 on Amazon

Google Chromecast

While there have been numerous deals for the Chromecast since its launch, this ($23.99) is the best price we can recall seeing through Amazon. It even comes with 2 free months of Hulu Plus right now, which is another $16 savings.

And thankfully this deal doesn’t mean leaving the comfort of your home on Thanksgiving or in the inky darkness of Black friday morning.

I’d imagine that you are all familiar with the Chromecast by now, no doubt most of you have them, but if you have been a hold out rest assured this is a fantastic price and Google is continually adding new apps and functionality to the Chromecast so you will not regret this purchase.

With all of that said, if you are a diehard Amazon Prime fan or if you can’t imagine not having a remote to control your streaming device then you should also consider the Fire TV Stick, which can be had at the moment for just a dollar more ($24.99) through Best Buy.

Source: Amazon

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  • Moises Rivera

    Is the Chromecast a worthwhile buy? Is it necessary to get when I have other devices already?

    • thel0nerang3r

      Depends what else you have. I have a smart TV, the interface is atrocious. I got chromecast for the ease of use.