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Corning Gorilla Glass 4 official, already shipping to manufacturers


Corning’s Gorilla Glass has been protecting our screens from shattering on the pavement for years now, and today the company unveiled its toughest glass yet.

Corning says that Gorilla Glass 4 is up to twice as tough as competitive glass and that it can survive drops onto rough surfaces like asphalt “up to 80 percent of the time.” To compare, the soda-lime glass that’s used in many devices shatters “nearly 100 percent of the time.”

The new Gorilla Glass 4 uses Corning’s fusion draw creation process that keeps the glass thin and retains optical clarity while also improving its drop performance compared to previous models.

To date, Corning’s Gorilla Glass has been used by more than 40 manufacturers in 1,395 products. Gorilla Glass 4 is already being sampled by and shipped to companies around the globe, but Corning didn’t name any specific manufacturers.

Have you ever broken the screen on your phone or tablet?

Source: Corning

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  • sandwich

    I presume iPhones use Corning Gorilla Glass of some sort or another, but I swear I’ve seen far more cracked iPhone screens (or backs) than I have Android. Perhaps it’s partly due to how the iPhone glass protrudes a bit from the body, making it more likely to receive the impact directly instead of transmitted through the phone’s structure.

    Me, I’ve never broken the glass on any of my phones – starting with my Motorola MicroTAC on to the Android I have today – so I’m probably not the best person to ask… :p

    • Tangent

      “…but I swear I’ve seen far more cracked iPhone screens (or backs) than I have Android.”

      I’ve noticed the same thing. A huge majority of phones I see being used with shattered screens are iPhones. I’ve had the same luck with my phones as you have. The worst damage I’ve ever had is a small ding on my HTC One M7 when it got dropped onto asphalt and landed exactly on a corner. My current M8 has a scuff on a corner from the same kind of drop.

  • Morning Gorillawood

    Schott Xensation is superior, but Gorilla glass sounds better

  • steve

    I have broke many screens. It’s worse if you break the digitizer because that will nearly tripple the cost to fix. I broke my note 2 screen twice. 150 each time to fix. I broke my S3, not worth repairing. I am in the process of fixing my sony z ultra for 150$. If the digitizer worked, it would only be 60-80$ to replace. I also have broke many cheap phones screens.

    • SGB101

      I broke the glass on my note 2, or was my first home screen fix. I open for the £168 glass over the full lcd panel at £150.

      It felt strange attacking the phone with a paint stopper gun and digital thermometer. It took about an hour, but worked a treat.

      It’s just come out of retirement as the wife lost her sgs5.when I got it, she laughed and poked fun of the size, she had an sgs3 at the time, now after her 5 she didn’t even notice it was bigger.

      I have a one (m8) currently and put on a tempered glass screen protector, never used a protector since the g1 (think that screen was made of cheese), as I hated the feel of them. But these new glass ones feel better than normal glass.

      Actually the iPhone 6 screens feel very similar to the tenpered screen protectors. Not that it helped my lad iPhone 6, he broke It in the first week so another £90 to fix it. Well they just swapped it for a new one, over the counter, I expect now they are swapped for Referbs, in week 1 there would be few if any Referbs.

  • Richard Crigger

    My sister breaks her iphone screens about every 6 months, I have never broken my androids, but I always use a heavy duty case.

  • Ronak Makwana

    Corning Announces Gorilla Glass 4 With Improved Protection Against Sharp Contact Damage