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Disney Movies Anywhere arrives on Google Play, includes free copy of Wreck-It Ralph


Originally launched back in February, the Disney Movies Anywhere initiative brings your Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies together under one app across platforms. It will sync your content through iTunes, through the codes on DVDs, and now through Google Play as well.

The app allows you to play all of your existing content and to browse through the Disney, Pixar and Marvel archive. You can watch previews of the movies in the app, but purchases are all routed through Google Play.

For a limited time you will receive “Wreck-It Ralph” for free when you connect your Google Play account through the Disney Movies Anywhere app.

If you are a single platform family, then this may not seem like a huge deal to you, but if you have some iOS and some Android devices in the family then this is fantastic news. In an interview with TechCrunch, Disney Studios CTO Jamie Voris also indicated that another major partnership would be announced soon; Amazon would be the natural candidate to come next.

As the parent of two young kids and a fan of the Marvel movies, I’m thrilled to see Disney make this move, and I hope Amazon is next on their list. Having content that I purchase end up trapped within any one platform is infuriating, and as digital is increasingly the only way that we are buying¬†content, we can only hope that Disney is showing other content producers that this is the model to follow.


Via: TechCrunch

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  • Rob C

    When I try to connect iTunes it says Device not supported. Are only certain android devices able to connect to your iTunes library through the app?

    • SGB101


  • hockey

    Disney movies have been the cornerstone to family enjoyment and have kept children’s imagination flowing for several decades now.

  • Ali Syed

    Too bad it’s not available for us Canadians. Any plans for access for Canadian customer? We like Disney moves too!

    • SGB101

      Disney movies anywhere as long as that’s USA dot com

      Rob C- your probably better linking your google account to your Disney anywhere account via their Web site rather than iTunes. I hear there is a little incompatibility between android and iTunes ;o) if you have an ios device link your Apple accout to disney Aw, and you’ll have cartoon synchronicity in your life.

      I imagine that’s how it works, as being in the UK I’m allowed to try it out.

  • neight

    Yeah, but does it have Chromecast support?

    • Tarc Novar

      Yes, it does have Chromecast support. Since your movies are purchased through Google Play you are able to use the Chromecast with it. I did the other night when I got this movie.