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Gmail gains Material Design, support for non-Gmail accounts in version 5.0


Google’s been on a Material Design spree as of late, updating apps like Google Play Newsstand and Google Play Store with a more Android 5.0 look. Now the Material Design-ified version of Gmail has surfaced too.

Gmail for Android version 5.0 has been leaked by Android Police, and the app has a couple of major features that are worth noting. First up is a Material Design makeover, complete with a round red Compose button in the lower right corner, a floating hamburger button, icons in the slide-out menu and more.


Just in case a Material Design-ification isn’t enough for you, Google’s also thrown support for non-Gmail accounts into its Gmail app. Yep, that means that you can use Yahoo, Outlook and AOL Mail accounts, among others. The app also supports Exchange email, meaning that you can add your work email in there too.

This Gmail v5.0 update looks to be a pretty big deal. Not only does it fit right in with Android 5.0, but it adds some major functionality that basically eliminates the need for the stock Android app. Best of all, you can give this app a try right now if you’re willing to sideload a leaked app. And if you’re not, you can still get a preview of the new app by checking out the screenshots that’ve been shared by Android Police.

If you do decide to load this new Gmail app onto your device, be sure to let us know!

Source: Android Police

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  • Phil

    have they finally addressed the issue of sending emails to a group of people from your Android contact list?

  • Tma

    I have installed it, but don’t have choice to add exchange mail…

    • Chris

      The link says: If you want to enable Exchange support you’ll need to install both of the APKs listed below.

      File name:

      Version: 5.0 (1520254)

      APK Mirror

      File name:

      Version: 6.5-1520254

  • Chris

    Google’s Term of Service says they can scan all incoming/outgoing emails on your Gmail Account. I was wondering… if you add other accounts do you have to give them the right to scan emails from those accounts too.. if you access them through Android or this new Gmail app?

  • Billy

    I installed the new gmail and exchange apks. Pretty nice and falls in-line with material design. However, it looks like the exchange bug from 4.2 or 4.3 where it constantly syncs was re-introduced or something similar. I rolled back to the previous exchange apk and went back to the corporate email app and all is well again. I am using inbox only right now so I don’t have a lot of comments for the new gmail app other than it looks pretty.

  • Billy

    Good question Chris. When I had exchange running via the new gmail app it felt basically like the old corporate app but with gmail material design. It doesn’t add any gmail features or splitting things into categories etc… It honestly just worked and acted just look the old app but with a red bar and slide out menu. It also doesn’t work with inbox.

    It shows up as a separate exchange account. I would venture to guess they don’t scan the email since its “corporate” email for a lot of people.

  • cortez

    to those that have tried the new GMail & Exchange APKs: does the sent folder list recipients by send date or (you) the sender by date? also, does the new GMail Exchange combo support conversation view? thanks.

    • Albert Weijers

      Yes, the sent folder in 5.0 shows the recipients, the old app would show my name above all mails sent, that was ridiculous.

  • Billy

    i didn’t see an option for conversation view. I am not sure about the sent. The couple days I used the new gmail/exchange setup it was just like the previous corporate mail app except you opened it in ‘gmail app’ but without any gmail features. I would wait until there is some info on the syncing bug. Essentially, it just tries to continuously sync taking up to 30% of battery.

    Google just replaced my N5 so I am still stock. I only updated the gmail/exchange apk.

  • Albert Weijers

    Happy with Gmail 5! Inbox is now my Gmail app and I use the new Gmail 5 app for my exchange mail from work. Works perfect for me.

  • Robert

    This new Gmail Update really stinks and I do not want it at all.