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Google Calendar is getting Google Now-ified in latest update


Google has announced today that the official Google Calendar app for Android is going to see a big update with all sorts of automagical (their word, not ours) changes and an entirely new design. The update will be rolling out to Android 5.0 devices starting today, with a 4.1+-compatible version landing in the coming weeks.

The best thing about Google Now is just how well it does everything for you. You don’t ever need to ask for football scores; if you regularly check them, they just appear for you. The same goes for package tracking, the weather, news on TV shows you watch and more. Google Calendar is getting a little taste of this automagicalness with Assists and Events from Gmail.

Assists are a sort of autofill that work when making an entry in the new Google Calendar, but they’re much more complex and smart. You can start typing names, places and even frequently used words and Google Calendar will know exactly what you are talking about and fill in the details. No more hunting for phone numbers, email addresses or locations.

Even more automagical than Assists are Gmail events. With Events from Gmail, Google Calendar will essentially pull relevant information from certain emails in Gmail to auto-generate calendar events, complete with all the information you could possibly need. Get an email about a plane ticket you purchased? A new calendar event will automatically be added to your Google Calendar with flight numbers, check-in times, locations, delays and more.

Also new to Google’s huge Calendar update is a makeover to Material Design and the addition of a beautiful Schedule View, complete with images, easy to read headlines, illustrations and large chunks of bright color. It looks fantastic.

As we mentioned above, the new Google Calendar is rolling out to Lollipop devices today with a 4.1 and up compatible version launching in the coming weeks.

Source: Google Calendar

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  • surethom

    Finally, I have always hated the design of the Google calendar, the month view has always been bad, this upgrade looks very nice, no more third party calendar apps.

    • Renato

      Agree with you hope we could download this version as soon as possible

  • Alan

    Hope they improve the design, but some of the automatic stuff with Now is really annoying – whenever a friend forwards me a booking they’ve made Google Now assumes that I’m the passenger and puts a whole lot of cards in about it. There’s no way to tell it to ignore just certain emails.

  • Maxx

    Is there a way to use Google Now with 2 Gmail account? I know you can use it with 2 calendars but I need it to work in general with 2 Gmail accounts for everything else since Ive got accounts for separate purposes and GN thus only gives me half of what I need.

    It was good with elections. I got an alert last week about early voting and the polling place near me (which I didnt know about) and I voted. Last night, I also got a voting reminder with my polling place and hours

    (David Pogue reviewed Lollipop today & it was probably one of the most negative 5.0 releases Ive read to date. Hope my Nexus 5 gets it this week so I can decide for myself.)