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Google Play Music subscribers will get YouTube Music Key for free

YouTube Music Key

We’ve all heard about YouTube Music Key by now, and it seems pretty cool. It’s a subscription service that allows you to watch music videos on YouTube ad-free, turn off your display while listening and save music offline. Perhaps best of all, though, is that existing Google Play Music subscribers won’t have to do anything to get YouTube Music Key.

According to Google, those with a Play Music subscription won’t even have to sign up for YouTube Music Key because they’ll get it for free automatically. This greatly boosts the value of a Play Music subscription for existing members (I’ve been a paying customer since it was released).

Good on Google for making this as easy as possible for subscribers of Google Play Music. Signing up for the service manually would have been a big annoyance. Keep an eye out for the Music Key section of YouTube on your device if you’re a Play Music subscriber, and let us know how you like it!

Via: Android Police

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  • DavidDesu

    I was wondering what the deal would be for All Access subscribers like myself. Fair play Google!

  • suplegsm akcesoria

    Google and Fair Play that is funny:| Google don’t give you nothing free, look around, there is lot’s of google advertise

  • DJ Jones

    I have only been using ‘All Access’ for a month because I just discovered it. Pretty lame considering Ive been with the Google beta programs from the start (G+ etc). Today is the first Ive heard of Youtubes deal. We used to use beats family through AT&T because it covered 5 of our 6 lines and 10 extra non-phone devices. Then iTunes came in and we had tech difficulties for a month. Cancelled! In searching for a new deal, I realized Google Play Music had a deal. My hubby and daughters are all small time Youtubers (music & short films), & I would love it if Google would add a monthly All Access subscription for a family plan that covered all lines on a wireless account. Again, we have 6 lines, & we are on a tight budget for “extras”. Im excited to tell them about this youtube thing.

  • suehtet

    Hi,suehtet love

  • hockey

    Google Play Music offers nothing but the best music entertainment.