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How to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 for free


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is by far the best selling Android smartphone of 2014. It sports an amazing spec sheet, Samsung’s TouchWiz UI is a lot better than it has been in the past and its camera is pretty amazing. The Galaxy S5 also has a heart rate monitor and fingerprint scanner, but let’s be honest: those are two features that you rarely use.

If you’ve purchased the Samsung Galaxy S5 through your service provider, the phone most likely has a locked SIM slot that won’t allow you to use the it if you switch service. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can get the SIM unlock code for your Galaxy S5. Third-party services like Android SIM Unlock can find a Galaxy S5 unlock code for a fee, but we always recommend calling your service provider and simply asking them for it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 SIM Unlock

Before handing over the SIM unlock code for your Galaxy S5, your service provider may require that the phone be paid in full or that you’re at least 18 months into your 2-year contract, but you can often talk your way around the requirements if you have a compelling story. You can find a full list of your service provider’s SIM unlocking requirements on their website or by calling their customer service line.

Request your Samsung Galaxy S5 SIM unlock code from your service provider

  • Locate your handset IMEI number by dialing #06# or go to Settings > More > About device > Status
  • Write down your IMEI number
  • Call your service provider’s customer service line and ask for the SIM unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Provide your Galaxy S5 IMEI number to process the unlock code request
  • Your service provider will email you the SIM unlock code for your phone in 1-3 days

SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Remove the back panel from your phone
  • Remove the battery to access the microSIM card slot
  • Replace your microSIM card with one from another service provider
  • When prompted, enter the unlock code that you received from your service provider
  • Enjoy your SIM-unlocked Galaxy S5 on any GSM network!

If you know any other options to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 for free, feel free to share it with us in the comments.

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  • Tony


  • Nick Gray

    Obviously, you have never requested a SIM unlock code from a service provider. Many of them to have requirements that need to be met, but it’s up to the customer service rep to actually enforce those rules. I have unlocked AT&T and T-Mobile phones this way multiple times with no issue.

    I’m sorry for wanting to share this information with other.

    • Palisandr

      Nick, this is valuable information! Are you planning to write more articles? There are a lot of devices out there, which you haven’t covered…

      The article is scheiße and extremely misleading. The process you have described is not device dependent. It is just a process of unlocking your phone from your carrier, which does not work for everybody, since carriers impose certain requirements before they will unlock devices willingly.

      • Nick Gray

        I will be writing articles for other devices are all of them are intended to be device-specific since many of them have more than one option for getting a SIM unlock code for free.

        Here’s a post I did for the HTC One (M8) which has three free SIM unlocking options.

        Yes, this information is pretty generic and may be common knowledge to most people who read the site every single day, but we create content for the general public as well since they can benefit from this information.

    • yamileth martinez

      I have a galaxy s5 carrier to mobile how can I unlocked

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        You are fahked

      • najimali

        sim unlock network pin

      • najimali

        sim unlock network pin shudi arab

      • maggie

        Did you unlock your phone without having to pay?

    • maggie

      How can we unlock the s5 without paying i already tried the service provider did not work.

  • Mike Dionis

    What about Sprint Galaxy S5 I believe it doesnt work the same.

    • u r fahkd

      You are fahked

  • PhoneBoss

    From the stories you guys write, I’m surprised this kind of article is on here……This is pretty common knowledge

    • Droid Sam

      You’d be surprised by how many people don’t know that you can get an unlock code from their carrier. The good news is that most of Verizon’s phones have been seem unlocked for some time.

      Unlock the Galaxy S4, there doesn’t seem to be any hacks that can actually get you an unlock code for free with the S5. If memory serves me right, there are at least 3 or 4 free hack that could get you the code to the S4.

  • Erik D

    Just got off the phone with At&t. Told em I’m going to Ethiopia for a month and they said they will email me the unlock code. We’ll see how it takes. Do I really need another SIM to actually unlock the phone? I honestly don’t need to unlock the phone. Just wanna see how this thing works since I’ve always had CDMA phones before.

  • Michael

    They take a MicroSIM and not a nano Sim. Also, those who want their device unlocked tend to already have their service shut off (been in the wireless field for 2 years and this is extremely common). So they will have to reactivate service with old company and then issue a request to be unlocked which will include an activation fee(or reactivation fee) and service fee such as buying minutes or service days to have the device active to request an unlock code. You can not get an unlock code from a carrier unless it is active on that carrier. 95% of the time it is easier to just buy a $10 unlock code from a 3rd party website and have it unlocked in a matter of 1-2 hours and save all the hastle and extra money you may have to spend to reactivate.

  • Sophia

    Thanks for sharing the informative tactics to unlock the Galaxy S5. Well, who said we rarely use touch wiz finger print scanner and hear rate sensor. I generally use heart rate sensor before and after the regular workout and even like its water and dust resistant body along with 2800mAh battery that supports power saving mode. I recently purchased a Multi Port USB charger through which I can not only charge my Galaxy S5 in just 2 hours but also charge iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 and Nexus 6 simultaneously in less than 2 hours. I got the deal via slickdeals alerts with 20% of using this coupon code: 20OFFANU Here the link of Amazon where you can buy this useful 6 Port charger:

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      U will get fahked….. by me XD

  • david van Wingerden

    This article is especially important for those going going overseas. You will easily pay for your phone by unlocking it and using a local card when you get there.

  • Michael Johnson

    I have unlocked my Verizon GS5 without contacting them. I traveled to Europe and will be here for 4 more months. All I did was put in a sim from here and enter in the APN information which can be found online. Go to settings, more networks, mobile networks, access point names and hit the plus sign in the upper right corner. I only had to enter a name, apn, and username. The app tweakker is also pretty helpful.

    • Nick Gray

      Michael – many of Verizon’s phone are already SIM unlocked. They have not been locking down most of their LTE phone for nearly 2 years.

      • Michael Johnson

        While I do agree with that, they are still somewhat locked. I have worked in the mobile industry for nearly 6 years now and when a non-verizon sim is put into a Verizon gs5 you get a message stating “this sim card I’d from an unknown source.” Fine and dandy and the phone will make calls and send texts but data will not work until the APN settings are changed. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but your article stated how to sim unlock a gs5 for free but all you stated was how to pay a third party for it or call the carrier. I was merely giving the suggestion that changing the APN settings would work.

        • Chastity

          Is there anyway to get that message off of my phone?

  • SGB101

    This Web site is going from bad to worse.

  • Collin

    Can anyone tell me how the third parties get the unlock codes?

    • Nick Gray

      Depends on the phone and third party service. In most cases, hardware manufacturers sell the codes to these services, but there are a few services which have been able to reverse engineer the unlock codes based off of the IMEI numbers of the phone.

  • billy

    and it’s not free, my service provider charges, £30!!

  • mjoyto

    Even better would be more info on unlocking Sprint phones. Anyone have some insight on this one?

    • Nick Gray

      Can’t really be done. All phones with a SIM card have an unlock code, but sprint has software on most of their phones which doesn’t trigger the SIM unlock screen to enter the unlock code when a SIM from another service provider is entered.

      • robert

        I have my code but sim unlock screen isn’t appearing on my galaxy s 5 where can I find ?

      • Peter

        Just talked to Sprint on the Galaxy S5 and they were apleasure to deal with. Unlock is easily done.

        • mike

          I have a question how long have u had ur phone and did they give u any problems on getting your unlock code

  • Samantha

    Any chance of you could help me out with unlocking my device? I’ve been searching the net for an answer but have had absolutely no luck….

    • u r fahkd

      Je suis fahked

  • vince

    Sir could u help me unlock my sprint S5. I bought a week ago and im planning to send to the Philippines as a Christmas present for my daughter. Tnx

  • Debbie

    I have a samsung Galazy s5 which it AT&T trying to get it on Verizon prepaid.. But says no mobile network.. Please help

  • dave

    i have bought samsung galaxy s5 (SCL23 by au ) from Japan.. After using the handset took automatic update via wi-fi. And after taking restart… the network was gone. Now its showing out of service sign instead of network. But sim menu is available in menu. When i wants to use settings>more network>mobile network..handset shows “insert sim card to access network services”. Out going and incoming call is off. I can’t use mobile data. Now what can i do to recover the network? pls help me…….

    • deepak neupane

      please help me i have the same problem as dave had

  • el invitado solodigo

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    bye bye my friend jajajajaja

  • nick

    I bought the galaxy s5(sprint) from my sis in law…I want to unlock so I can use it to metropcs I called to get the unlock codes for it but unfortunately I can’t since it been inactive since Sept.2014 wit I guess an outstanding balance, can someone please help to see how it can be possible for me to unlock this phone…..

  • nick

    Can someone pls help me??

  • Jeff Dela Cruz


    I’ve just reset my S5 and now it cannot read my sim card. What would i do?

  • deepak neupane

    i have bought samsung galaxy s5 (SCL23 by au ) from Japan.. After using the handset took automatic update via wi-fi. And after taking restart… the network was gone. Now its showing out of service sign instead of network. But sim menu is available in menu. When i wants to use settings>more network>mobile network..handset shows “insert sim card to access network services”. Out going and incoming call is off. I can’t use mobile data. Now what can i do to recover the network? pls help me…….

  • Sarah Bailey

    If you plan to travel overseas it will very helpful to you to use local sim card instead of paying high roaming charges. You will easily pay for your phone unlocking and using a local card when you get there, however i got my code from and it works well.

  • Will

    Can you not root the phone and install a different os version and somehow accomplish this?

  • Charley

    Have my unlock code for my Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F model, i put a different sim in as i was told to do, but got no prompt to enter the code to unlock my phone, but when i try to use the sim it says unregistered network.
    How do i access that unlock screen???

  • Brittany

    I have the s5 with Virgin Mobile, can I still do this?

  • Jerry Bennett

    What is all this unlocking bs? I travelled to Europe with my Galaxy S5 in Sept 2014 and simply removed the Verizon SIM and inserted a local SIM (Poland, Czech, etc) and everything worked fine, GPS, internet, etc. (except apps that were locally blocked of course), although I did not try to tether the phone or use it as a mobile hotspot so I don’t know if those features worked. Am I missing something here?