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Inateck offering 20 percent off many of its products

Inateck UC5001 charger 3

Inateck is a pretty interesting company. It sells many cheap products with a quality twist, so if you’re on a budget, Inateck is a good place to start. You may remember I reviewed both a speaker and a charger by Inateck, and I was pretty impressed. And I have another review coming soon on a higher-end speaker of theirs.

Not all of its gadgets are even related to mobile, with computer accessories available as well. There’s all kinds of cool stuff you can find, from hard drive adapters and docks to Bluetooth keyboards. And for Black Friday, the company is putting most of its products on a 20 percent sale. If you want some accessories for your phone or computer, hit the source link and check out Inateck!

Source: Inateck

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  • Dave

    I’m actually more interested in what clock that is in the photo…

    • Dima Aryeh

      Zooper Widget with Zooper DC skin :)

      • Dave

        Thank you!