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Monument Valley’s “Forgotten Shores” expansion available now on Google Play


Monument Valley is without a doubt one of the best games to come to mobile in a long time. It’s an addicting, hauntingly beautiful puzzle game with only one major downside: we’ve wanted more. Thankfully, we’re getting our wish. After first coming to iOS and the Amazon Appstore, Monument Valley’s “Forgotten Shores” expansion is now available on Google Play.

The “Forgotten Shores” expansion to Monument Valley is available as an in-app purchase for just $1.99. For your two hard-earned dollars, you get eight new levels to explore, shuffle, twist and drag your way through. There has been some debate on whether or not the expansion is worth $1.99, but rest assured it’s a value at that price. The amount of work that went into “Forgotten Shores” is evident all throughout the game.

Don’t wait, pick up “Forgotten Shores” today.

Source: Monument Valley on Google Play

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  • Robert Christopulos

    At 8PM Mountain Time(US), Amazon made the update for Monument Valley available. I’ve only had time to give it a couple of minutes of play time. Boy is this worth the price of admission (1.99).