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Moto 360 now available at T-Mobile, LG G Watch R landing on November 19


T-Mobile has announced that one Android Wear smartwatch is available starting now through its online store, while another will be joining the ranks soon enough.

On Friday, November 14, T-Mobile officially announced that Motorola’s Android Wear smartwatch, the Moto 360 is now available through its online store. It’s available for $249.99, and T-Mobile subscribers can pick it up for $0 down with $10.41 for 23 months and $10.56 for 1┬ámonth. It needs to be paired with a Simple Choice plan, though. T-Mobile also says that the Moto 360 will be available in participating retail stores beginning November 19.


Also on November 19, LG’s Android Wear smartwatch, the G Watch R, will go up for sale for $299.99. T-Mobile subscribers will be able to pick up the smartwatch for $50 down, then $10.41 for 23 months and $10.56 for 1┬ámonth. The official release for the G Watch R only identifies that the smartwatch will be available through participating retail stores on that date, with no mention if the device will be available through its online store.

Do you plan on picking one up?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Steve

    Man, this is a close choice.I prefer the look of the Moto 360, but the hardware is better on the LG (processor and battery). I’d probably end up going for the 360, if it wasn’t for the backplate cracking issue.

  • Steve R

    I just picked up the LG G watch R at Sprint Friday.
    A coworker had a 360. Although the 360 is very nice, the battery, processor, and not being able to switch the watch band with any regular band got to me. Don’t get me wrong, since the new 360 update, his 360 performed very well.
    I thought about the Sony since I like to run and it has its own GPS tracker but no heart monitor.
    The LG was the perfect balance. So far the battery is good. Got a whole day in without charging and face always on with quite a few notifications. Also did a 3 mile run. Its at 48% so I can see 2 days without charging.
    My girl wants the Asus Zen Watch so will pick that up from Google or Best buy soon.

  • Bobby Z

    $ 199 is a fantastic price for the ASUS Zen Watch. I’s only available in the States. I guess I need someone to send it to me @ #CrowdShipping.