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Moto X (2014) just $359 through Motorola for Cyber Monday


The 2014 Moto X is one of our favorite devices right now, hence the recommendation in our gift guide, and that was at its already pretty reasonable $499 asking price. For Cyber Monday, Motorola is chopping $140 off the top, bringing the Moto X to the bargain price of $359 off-contract.

While this is still a hair above the OnePlus One, the fit and finish of the Moto X is unquestionably superior to that device and frankly on par with anything else we’ve handled this year. We saw this kind of pricing with the original Moto X, but the relatively low-end specs on that device always made that feel appropriate. That’s not the case with the 2014 Moto X, which is basically on par with the rest of the flagships, save for its lack of a QHD display.

Since it is available directly through Motorola, this deal allows you to roll your own Moto X with MotoMaker, and there is something amazingly satisfying about making all of the color choices on your device. If you want to go with one of the leather or wood back options, that’ll still set you back an extra $25. The $359 price seems like enough of a deal that buying off-contract is the way to go, but Verizon customers that are willing to commit to a two-year contract can use the deal to get the Moto X for just one penny.

Motorola apparently hasn’t shaken off the memory of their website troubles with Moto X sales last year and is continuing to require that users simply come register when the deal opens up at 11 a.m. CST this Monday, December 1st. You will just need to visit this page and they will send you a code that you must use prior to 11:59 p.m. on December 15th. The deal will remain available while supplies last or until 5 p.m. CST on Monday. Based on past sales like this, I would plan on being there as close to 11 a.m. as possible, as they have sold out every time.

Is this enough of a deal to get you to snap up a Moto X?

Source: Motorola

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