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Motorola Camera and Gallery get Material refresh


Motorola’s apps get pretty frequent updates thanks to the fact that they’re on the Play Store. This means that any bugs can be worked out without a system update, and features can be added at any time. And the latest update to both the camera and gallery apps do just that.

The camera app has been updated with some Material styling. The color has been changed from the old Holo blue to the new Material teal. It’s also quite a bit flatter. Outside of aesthetics, Motorola added a timer mode and a new feature to twist the device to switch between the front and rear camera. The last feature only works on devices with motion sensing, like the Moto X and latest model Droids.

Motorola Camera Material update

The Motorola Gallery¬†app has been given a partial makeover as well, and it’s somewhat¬†Material. The flat and colorful aesthetic is spot on, though the slide out pane and other details are still of the old Holo design. It’ll get there with time, but it already looks pretty good.

Motorola Gallery Material update

If you want to update either of these apps, head to the Play Store on your Motorola device or hit the source links to check out the apps. It’s good to see OEMs embracing the new Material design, and it’s starting to really grow on me. What do you think of Motorola’s new design aesthetic?

Source: Play Store: Motorola Camera, Play Store: Motorola Gallery
Via: Android Police

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