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Nexus 6 will now launch at T-Mobile on November 19


Bad news, Nexus fans: you’ll have to wait a week longer than anticipated to buy a Nexus 6 from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile originally planned to begin sales of the Nexus 6 tomorrow, November 12, but today Ol’ Magenta announced today that it will be pushing back that launch to November 19. T-Mo says that it’s doing this so that it can provide its customers with “the best experience possible.”

Obviously this news is kind of a bummer, especially considering how hard the Nexus 6 has been to buy so far. Rumors have suggested that T-Mobile’s N6 launch inventory was going to be constrained, though, so it may be better to just wait one more week than get a bunch of folks upset because T-Mobile’s stock was so low.

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Source: @TMobile

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  • Nate B.

    Google and Motorola have dropped the ball on getting this out in a timely manner. And the At&t model will have carrier apps possibly? Why is it so hard to have preorders the same week it comes out and at your door/in store purchase the following week?! With plenty in stock. It’s like they don’t really care. It happens every year. It’s really Google’s fault. I’m not with At&t but it has an impact on everyone. They should be able to control every update like apple does.

    • Frank Pilone

      There has never been bloatware on Nexus lines with an exception of one particular model from Verizon a long time ago. Google has learned their lessons, and the only software on Nexus devices is the OS that comes with the phone. It is up to the device owner to install any carrier software if it is available. I had purchased 2 Nexus 4s, a Nexus 5, and Nexus 7 from the carrier, and none had carrier software.

      As for updates, this is why Nexus devices have no carrier software, and this is also why Nexus has been attractive with many people. There is a reliable update path with Nexus devices. If an update is held over on a particular device, it is usually due to a severe negative impact in which Google is working on. Also, updates are carried over wifi to the device directly, so with regards to the updates, Nexus are usually first followed by Google Play Edition. And yes, other manufacturers do make it hard, but this is in my opinion more a greed issue. You already bought the device, so you don’t need an update. This is one reason Google promoted the Nexus, worked to provide Play Edition, and is now a condition on the upcoming One Edition (emerging markets).

  • Richard Yarrell

    Smart move T-Mobile. Goggle and Motorola both equally suck monkey balls period.

  • Glenn Yudenfriend

    Richard, you mean like Samsung with that ugly home button and horrid touchwiz

    • Richard Yarrell

      No I mean you are ugly

      • Semproxion


        You keep using the term “suck monkey balls”. I have once asked before but you failed to reply.

        Because of your failure to respond I must assume that you are indeed an expert in the field of primate fellatio.