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Nokia’s Z Launcher is now available in the Google Play store

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When Nokia launched its Z Launcher in June of 2014, it was only compatible with (barely) a handful of devices. Now, after unveiling a brand new Android-based tablet with Z Launcher front and center, the proprietary software is now launching into the Google Play store.

Nokia officially made the announcement following the unveiling of its N1 Android tablet, and it’s broadening Z Launcher’s device support by a good margin by enabling it on all handsets running Android 4.1 or higher. With Z Launcher, users can draw a letter on their phone’s display to launch a related app or bring up a specific contact. The app will  also try to learn which apps you need at a particular time of day and bring them to the front so you don’t have to go digging around for them.

Now that Z Launcher is out of beta, Nokia has made plenty of changes. According to the company, the software is faster than before, has a more refined approach to detecting your “scribbles” when drawing a letter to open an app or contact and has a better overall prediction of the apps you’ll need throughout the day:

  • Faster – We looked at every possible area where we could make small speed improvements from optimizing on specific handsets to obscure things like “finger tracking latency”.
  • Better Prediction – Without getting too technical…we found ways to bring more context into our algorithm and to hone the algorithm data to just keep the important elements that give users the best results.
  • Refined Scribble – We improved the recognition and response time, (it’s faster!)
  • We now run on rooted devices! – This was the #1 most requested feature in our forum.

It’s a free app, too, so if you’re one that likes to try out proprietary software to see how it differs from others out there, the Z Launcher sounds like an appealing option. Do you plan on trying it out?


Source: Nokia

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