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NVIDIA SHIELD tablet will receive Android 5.0 Lollipop update this month

NVIDIA has stressed the near stock version of Android on their SHIELD hardware since the launch of the SHIELD portable, as that has meant some of the most rapid updates to the new OS of any OEM.

Android 5.0 Lollipop on the SHIELD tablet will be no different. NVIDIA is showing a sneak peak of the update running and has announced that it will be out via an over-the-air update later this month. As you are probably aware, the SHIELD tablet uses the same Tegra K1 processor found in the Nexus 9, so if the Nexus 9′s 4:3 aspect ratio, 8.9-inch screen or price turn you off, SHIELD tablet is definitely a device to consider at $299 for the WiFi version and $399 for the unlocked AT&T LTE variant.

Beyond the upgrade to Lollipop NVIDIA has a couple updates to their own apps. Dabbler, the drawing app that comes pre-installed on the SHIELD tablet to take advantage of the included stylus, is getting a design update and the SHIELD Hub app will be updated with a new design that’s much more in line with current Android standards.

Gamers were pretty keyed into the SHIELD portable last year and while the SHIELD tablet is definitely a great device for gamers, it shouldn’t be ignored as a general use tablet. NVIDIA is proving time and again that they are working hard to deliver the best Android experience to SHIELD customers.

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  • BlazeHN

    Nvidia Shield Tablet ($299) >>> Nexus 9 ($399) (Quad Core K1 Processor instead of Dual Core, 16:9 ratio (current ratio used by like EVERY maintream media source) instead of ackward squared 4:3 ratio (blackbars around screen while watching like 90% of movies and videos? or destroyer mutant zoom losing all the detail?), warranted soon Android 5.0 update, stylus, PC games that runs nativerly on it, front facing dual speakers, and also lots of aditional gaming features like games streaming, console mode, etc.). The tablet still looks superior even if you totally ignore all of the gaming features and for a lower price.

    If I am wrong, please tell me why. (honestly, because I am planing on buying one of this two).

    • pekosROB

      You’re pretty much right. I have the $399 LTE version of the Shield and I fucking LOVE IT. The speakers sound great, everything runs pretty snappy, and it has a solid construction. The only downside (and this is such a tiny downside it really isn’t much of one honestly) is the screen brightness when outdoors. It is bright enough to see but I wish it could be cranked up a little brighter. Indoors it is more than adequate. Not the best display out there but it is at worst an average display, if not slightly above average.

      You also forgot to mention microSD slot! I wouldn’t call playing PC games “natively,” this is more or less a (super) glorified wireless display with nice controller. I only bought the cover though (which is EXCELLENT and a better cover than the full case Moko case or whatever they are called for the N7).

      I thought both processors were quad core except the K1 Denver in the Nexus 9 is 64 bit whereas the Shield is 32 bit? One of them is a dual core processor??

      • Sean Riley

        Right you are on 32 vs 64 bit. The Nexus 9 uses the newer K1 based on the Project Denver CPU.

      • BlazeHN

        No bro, by natively I mean Half Life 2,Trine 2,Portal, etc. Those run locally on the tablet and are optimized for the K1, then I also mentioned the game streaming part. And yeah I forgot the Micro SD slot :D another nice add.

        And yeah Shield Tablet is Quad Core 32 bits while Nexus is Dual Core 64 bits (which really means nothing, I would take Quad Core instead any day).

        • pekosROB

          Ahh, yes, you are right, I thought you were talking about games on the PC, not games that were PC and now on Android (but of course limited to nvidia Portable/Tablet).

        • pekosROB

          Oh yeah, are you buying it or have you already? I highly recommend the LTE version since it does have 32 GB.

  • cat

    The K1 in the Shield is the 32bit quad core version while the K1 in the Nexus 9 is the 64bit dual core version. They are not the same.

    • Sean Riley

      True enough, it wasn’t my attention to confuse people there, I’ll add a note to clarify. The reality is this isn’t a pivotal difference for most users at this point. For those concerned with future proofing it is certainly a consideration though.

  • dang

    I bought this tablet thinking with lots of confusions as I haven’t used any other tablets before from Nvidia. I would say, this is the best ever tablet i have seen in my life. Absolute gem of a tablet. So far i am happy with each and every aspect of the tablet, the screen, size, HDMI port, micro sd card support and most importantly the console.

    I am so happy with the response from nvidia development team too, even my simplest of my requests got converted to features of the tablets as update. I dont think anybody else will do it.

    The response of the tablet is pretty amazing. Won’t feel a lag any time. Speakers, you cannot find a better speaker in any of the mobile devices.

    I am surprised hearing the fact that it is a “Gaming tablet”. Just because it process the graphic intense activities buttery smooth, it is not just a gaming tablet. It is a replacement of everything you used so far. Thumbs up Nvidia. Waiting for Lollypop

  • BlazeHN

    Can you imagine an Nvidia Shield Phone? FUUUUU! it would be like take it, take ALL OF MONEY RIGHT AWAY NVIDIA!!!

    • pekosROB

      Yeah, especially if it is priced like the LTE tablet, for sure! Hell, even at $500 everything they could put in there I would be down.