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Pebble’s latest update adds full notification support and more

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Despite Android Wear being out and taking all the lime light, there are still many people with Pebbles out there. With a screen that’s easy to read in daylight and awesome battery life, the Pebble still has a competitive edge over Android Wear devices in some respects. And starting today, an awesome new update is rolling out to it.

This update introduces a redesigned Pebble app, which includes full notification support. This means that any app can send notifications to your Pebble, much like with Android Wear. I’m sure this a big deal for Pebble owners, as they will no longer have to wait for app developers to add support and will now see important info on their wrist.

Also added is support for many new languages. According to Pebble itself, over 98 percent of Pebble users will now be able to receive messages in their native languages. The list is quite long.

For Android users, the update will be rolling out starting today. Only 10 percent of people will get this update initially, with more getting it in the following weeks. A staged rollout is expected with such a large update, so you may have to wait a while. And if you don’t want to wait, hit up the Pebble beta channel to try it out now!

How many of you still use your Pebbles? Leave a comment!

Source: Pebble Blog

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  • Demola Oladipo

    Got mine rolled out to me yesteday and I am impressed. No need for a third party app to send me notifications.

    The pebble app seems a bit faster. Need to wait and see if it as crash prone as previous versions or as highly dependent on internet access. Time will tell (because, you know, pebble, watch, tells time….. oh forget it)

  • Firelight

    I got it – tried it – went back to YANC. Pebble’s notifications for non-Google apps just gives a header. Example: I use Touchdown for me work Exchange email. With YANC I get the full email subject and the sender and can long press the center button to launch the app on my phone.

    With Pebble’s notification I get: 1 New Message. Later it says “2 New Messages”.

    That’s it. Not very useful really.

    It’s a good first step by Pebble but the app devs are miles ahead in terms of functionality.

  • Techsticles

    I was using both the original and the Steel for a while but ended up replacing the Steel with the much nicer looking, not as functional Martian Voice.

    Now I picked up the Microsft Band and probably won’t use the original Pebble either.

  • Bart

    For those considering buying a smartwatch (like myself) I don’t Pebble would be a good choice. At its cheapest, it is $100 US. At its most costly, it is the same exact price as the Asus ZenWatch and the Samsung Gear line (as priced on Amazon for $199).

    Side note: I went to my local Best Buy yesterday because their website, given my zipcode, indicated that the Zenwatch was there. It wasn’t. The clerk said the nearest for me was Chico, CA which happens to be about a 3-hour drive. I’ll wait until Asus FINALLY gets it act together.