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Samsung cross-platform messaging service ChatOn will be phased out


In light of Samsung making some widespread changes internally, it turns out that the company is also looking at its many product lines and trimming lines in an effort to cut losses.

According to a report published by The Korea Times, it looks like Samsung’s cross-platform messaging service, ChatOn, is going to get the boot soon. The report cites several different Samsung officials who claim that ChatOn is simply not “a business that can show improvement in the future.” The messaging service was launched as a main competitor to apps like WhatsApp, or even the popular service in China called WeChat. Indeed, the fact that ChatOn was automatically present on Samsung devices right out of the box meant it had a huge footprint to launch from, but it never seemed to really take off.

As a result, ChatOn will be phased out region-by-region. How long this will take isn’t certain, but it seems inevitable at this point.

ChatOn joins a growing list of proprietary apps and services that Samsung launched in the past, but is ultimately shuttering due to lack of adoption and/or competition with already present services. Recently, Samsung closed down its Videos feature, which aimed to go up against the likes of Amazon, Google and Apple, but ultimately didn’t pan out. Instead, Samsung now has Milk Video, which is meant to help users find the most viral videos circulating the ‘net.

Did you ever use ChatOn?

Via: The Verge

Source: The Korea Times

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  • Fred phoesh

    Thank the lord… what a crock.
    Please phase out the WHOLE of TouchLAG.
    Keep the great functionality, lose what makes it lag.